Destination weddings aren’t a new fad now. More than often we see gorgeous pictures of couples alongside the beaches and hills. It’s a dream come true for the to-be-weds to celebrate their most special occasion in its grandeur. Every to-be married couple would love to make their wedding day the most special and the best way to do so Destination Weddings! From immaculate and impeccable guest lists to selecting the perfect venue and a billion other factors, executing flawless Destination Weddings is a whole other ball game.

With the charm that all the location offers, it is difficult to shortlist from the lot! What factors to consider while selecting the desirable and second to none location is overwhelming!

Listed below are top 10 best places for a dream destination wedding.

Hotel Fateh Garh, Udaipur, India


Apart from being the number 1 attraction spot in Rajasthan, Udaipur is known for its lavish royal charm. The grand palaces, the beautiful lakes all just add up to the city’s grandeur. With all the royal charisma around, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a dream sequence straight out of the fairytale! With flamboyant antique handicraft techniques and outstanding architecture, Udaipur offers more than historic luxury. An amazing blend of textures, colors, and patterns makes it a very authentic taste of the country and its heritage! And so is The Hotel Fateh Garh. Known for being the top of the heritage hotels, This luxurious hotel offers serene views of the lakes. Imagine taking vows with your partner with exquisite and sublime beauty in the backdrop. Nothing could be more beautiful!

Lake Como, Italy


Wouldn’t it be wrong to say after #DeepVeer’s wedding, Lake Como was a household name? Well, with the limited pictures that were revealed, everyone was mesmerized by the beauty the location had to offer. Lake Como situated in Italy is a beautiful lake set alongside the foothills of the Alps. Alongside the beauty, the weather, the serenity all miles up into one unique experience! For history lovers, this destination is wonderful! It’s none like the other and that truly makes it an unforgettable destination. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to have it any other way!

Riva Beach Resort, Goa, India

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For all those who love a clear blue sky, grainy sands, and beautiful sunsets in the background, then Goa is the best destination for you! Undoubtedly, Goa has the best beaches in India. With the choicest ambiance and great food, Goa caters to all your destination wedding needs. And if you’re a fan of beach weddings, then Riva Beach Resort is the perfect location for you! Situated on the white sands of Mandrem Beach, Riva Beach Resort complements its beauty with the outlandish sea view; giving you the closest to nature feels.

The Boathouse, Phuket, Thailand


While all the other locations are great for just your dream wedding sequence, Phuket is the only destination that is as great for your wedding as for your Honeymoon! High-end villas and luxurious accommodations make it a high-end destination to fulfill all your special day’s needs. Not to forget, the breathtaking viewpoints the town offers, is definitely cherry on the top. So next time you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet extremely beautiful luxurious trip, you got Phuket on your list! The Boathouse is the location that serves all of your purposes. you can also ask for customizations as per your needs! Isn’t that amazing?

Santa Barbara, California


Imagine abundant sunshine, lush green landscapes, beautiful orange sunsets, and beautiful floral decoration. Seems pretty, doesn’t it? Well, that’s, Santa Barbara for you! Also known as ‘American Riviera, Santa Barbara is a sight to behold. Brilliantly capturing the ocean view, The location offers serenity and beauty in its raw form, perfect for a romantic destination wedding! Kimpton Canary Hotel is a sight to behold! Right from its beautiful interiors to the breathtaking views that it offers, It is a charm!