Makeup Essentials

Makeup has always been close to all women’s heart since their childhood. But bridal makeup is something that you don’t want to mess-up with! Which bride don’t want to look stunning and beautiful on her big day? But some of them end up buying those makeup products that are damn expensive and not so even useful. So here we are about to give an idea of  things that every bride must carry with her.

Makeup Essentials

Makeup Essentials:

The Makeup Essentials are divided for skin, eyes and lips. At the end we will also give a bonus point in your must have bridal kit:


The most important aspect of looking stunning in makeup is to have a good, healthy skin! In order to do so you must have a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and a good sun-screen lotion. Rest Makeup-Essentials for base are:


Primers are the most important part of any makeup, yet it is neglected most of the time.It’s the very base of any makeup. So, try to invest in good primers from the brand like MAC.

Makeup Essentials


 2. Foundations and compacts:

In fact, BB and CC creams works as good primers as well and can be a substitue for the foundations. But, if you are going to buy any foundation or concealrs, consult your makeup artist. Also get foundations from brands like, MAC or Lo’real, which doesn’t cause any flashbacks in photographs. And use compacts for touch-ups!

Makeup Essentials


3. Blushes:

This is the most confusing product! Yes, many women gets confused while purchasing blushes. But don’t you worry ladies! Try to pick blushes of neutral shades near to your flesh tones. Also, get a soft pink and peach blush with a highlighter. Don’t forget to get a good matte-brown bronzer for contouring your face!

Makeup Essentials


Makeup-Essentials for Eyes:

Eyes are the main highlight for the brides! Down below are few must haves in eye-makeup kit:

4. Eye-shadows:

Always use a yellow-toned, creamy textured highlighter as it suits best on the Indian skin-tone.  You can go with soft shimmery peach, pink and deeper pink in eye-shadows. Also you must carry silver toned eye-shadows like charcoal grey, metallic silver and slate. Champagne  and Antique gold( Ambre -like) are also a must have for Indian skin-tones.

Apart from these shades, you must have a matte brown and matte black shades to create soft looks and shape your eyes!

Makeup Essentials


5. Eye-Liners:

Are you the kind of bride who don’t want to look boring on her D-day? Thus, here is a simple solution to this! Instead of buying regular black or brown coloured liners, get jwelled liners. Yes! you read that right. Get Jewell Green, Deeper Purple and Blue from Urban Decay range. And you won’t regret it, that’s for sure!

Makeup Essentials


6. Mascara:

Another must-have makeup! Go for the macaras that tends to give you length, volume and colour intensity to your lashes. You can get both waterproof and non-waterproof mascara!

Makeup - Essentials


7. Lips:

Before purchasing any lipsticks, get neutral shades of lip-liners, it maybe of flesh tone or deeper flesh tone for darker skin-tone, to create a good base so that the lipsticks don’t go off easily. As being a bride, her mouth shouldn’t bleed and makeup should stay as long as possible! The colour of your lipsticks depends upon the colour that you prefer the most, it maybe orange mouth or red mouth or deep pink mouth! And try to get a creamy-textured, matte lipsticks and lip-liners as they stays for a longer duration.



Bonus Points: Apart from these makeup- products, a bride must have following things handy for their Makeup-Essentials:

  1. Q-tips: It helps in clearing out excess of the mascara and also helps in cleaning the inner-corner of the eyes and outer corner of the lips!
  2. Cleaning wipes/ Facial tissues: You don’t want your face to look dull in photographs! Thus, you must carry the makeup face wipes to clear the makeup from time to time for different functions conviniently.
  3. Powder puffs: To remove excess sheen on the face or for additional touch-ups keep these puffs handy.
  4. Makeup cleanser: Nobody should sleep with a face layered with makeup. And as a bride, nobody will like a face full of breakouts. Thus, purchase a good Bi-phased formulated makeup-cleanser that clear out the makeup easily and don’t dry out the skin!
  5. Applicator brushes:   A good set of brushes are also a must to keep! It doesn’t mean you have to buy the proffesional set of brushes. You can get an eye-shadow brush: Paddle brush for applying the shadow and a blending brush to blend the shadows. Next you can have a foundation brush: Flat brush for applying and blending blush. Also get a stippling brush for creamy blushes and a blush brush.


     6.Eye-whitening drops: As brides often have late nights and early mornings, so in the meanwhile they may get tired and red eyes! So consult a good physician and get this eye-whitening-cum-cooling drops to reduce the irritation and redness in the eyes.

Hence, these were few tips for your own customized Makeup-Essentials for your own bridal-kit in your budget!