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Redefining the custom of beauty, MAC has time and again, got us at the edge of our seats with its exciting launches of makeup range. Here are MAC bridal makeup products we love, and this is something we recommend, especially if you’re MAC makeup fans like us! So if you’re looking to build a MAC bridal kit yourself, or want a few picks from MAC in yours which are totally worth your money, then here’s what we recommend makeup essentials from MAC, with prices! Take clues from given below products and jot down pointers.

Top 15 Makeup Essentials From MAC For Your Makeup Kit

To keep it simple for you, we have categorized makeup essentials from MAC in following:

Face Products

1) Foundation


Image Via: Mac Cosmetics

Nothing can really beat MAC Studio Fix Fluid when it comes to foundations, which is an ever-fave. And if you have dry skin and are looking for something with lighter coverage, then the MAC Studio Water weight Foundation or the Face and Body Foundation is really amazing for it.

Price: Rs. 3300 for MAC Studio Water Weight and Rs. 2700 for MAC Studio Fix Fluid

2) Powder Foundation

powder foundation

Image Via: Ulta Beauty

An amazing one-step product that evens out the skin like a foundation and sets the makeup like a powder. It is a two-in-one product that gives a brilliant and flawless look. It gives a natural matte finish and provides medium to full coverage. It’s long-wearing and stays up to seven to eight hours. You can use it by itself or over your foundation for more coverage.

Price: Rs. 2700

3) Primer

makeup primer

Image Via: Mac Cosmetics

While you can also use the MAC Prep + Prime Setting Spray as a primer mist, you also have the MAC Prep + Prime Pore Refiner Stick which works well to minimize pores if that’s a concern you have. It is an extremely light-weight primer which makes for a perfect base for makeup, and makes the makeup stay for a long time.

Price: Rs. 2300

4) Concealer

mac concealer

Image Via: Mac Cosmetics

If dark circles are your concern, then the MAC Water weight Concealer is amazing for that. If your concern is spots and acne marks, then the Studio Finish or Pro Long wear Concealer should be your pick. M.A.C Pro Long wear Concealer as it is a very lightweight concealer that provides medium to full coverage with a matte finish look and M.A.C Water weight Concealer as this concealer has an ultra-fluid formula and exhumes a natural finish to your makeup.

Price: Rs. 2100 for Water weight; Rs. 1900 for Studio Fix and Rs. 2300 for Pro Long wear Concealer

5) Blush

MAC blush

Image Via: Amazon

MAC powder blush has a wide range of colors that have varied textures and different finishes. Desert Rose is one beautiful muted pink color that immediately adds a flush of color to the face and adheres to the skin seamlessly. It provides a matte finish and delivers a fantastic color intensity in a few coats. It provides a matte finish and gives a natural look.

Price: Rs. 2150

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6) Highlighter


Image Via: Mac Cosmetics

The MAC Strobe Cream is excellent to mix into your foundation for that elusive glow, and they have quite a few shades in it. If you’re looking for a powder highlighter instead, then the MAC Mineralize Skin finish has some gorgeous ones, with separate skin shades and tones for different skin colors.

Price: Rs. 2700 for Strobe Cream and Rs. 2600 onwards for Skin finish

7) Makeup Remover

mac makeup remover

Image Via: Your O Store

The MAC Eye And Lip Makeup Remover is a dual-phase remover which helps to clean any makeup, including the waterproof types. It is a combination of oil and water, which gets mixed when the bottle is shaken. This mixture helps to clean even the most tenacious waterproof eye/lip product. It is enriched with cucumber and damask rose flower water, which soothes and refreshes the skin. There is no need to rinse your face after using this.

Price: Rs. 2600

8) Makeup Setting Spray

makeup setting spray

Image Via: Mac Cosmetics

We love the MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ for making the makeup settle into the skin beautifully, and they have a few options for dry skin and oily skinned beauties too. Pick something that suits your skin type!

Price: Rs. 1650

Eye Product

1) Eye Shadow

mac eye shadow

Image Via: Mac cosmetics

MAC has a lot of options when it comes to eye shadows. You can pick their iconic Paint Pots, which also work as primers or by themselves for a pretty sheen on the eyelids, or pick their eye shadow pots which come in almost every shade under the sun. They also have quads, liquid eye shadows and palettes, which you can pick as per your skin color and preference.

Price: Rs 4950

2) Eye Brow Pencil

eyebrow pencil

Image Via: Mac Cosmetics

The MAC Brow Sculpt is easy to use and has a brush on the other end to make grooming your brows easy. If you’re looking for a brow pomade, then the Fluid line Brow Gel Creme is excellent for that and comes in a few shades too.  It is waterproof and long-wearing, and stays up to eight to ten hours. It is easy to apply using an angular brush. Lengthen, shape, and define your brows, and create any shape, from subtle to dramatic, with this fantastic product.

Price: Rs. 1800 for the Brow Sculpt and Rs. 1550 for Brow Gel Creme

3) Mascara

mac mascara

Image Via: Mac Cosmetics

A mascara defines and separates the lashes while also adding volume and illusion of length to them. With this cosmetic, your eyes will pop out and look bigger fuller and out there for all to see. The Extended Play Giga black Lash is good for brides and comes in different variants and sizes, so you can pick something that suits your needs.  It lasts long – up to 16 hours – and not only provides volume to your lashes but also curls them.

Price: Rs. 900+ for Little Mac and Rs. 1800 + for full size.

4) Eyeliner

mac prolong eyeliner

Image Via: Beauty Geeks

MAC Pro long wear Fluid line is a gel liner we highly recommend, which stays on for long and does not budge above your eye makeup, and comes in a few different shades too. If you’re looking for a liquid liner, then they do have a few of those too. This eyeliner is secretly a double agent and can be classed as a MAC bridal makeup essentials. It stays well and will only come off once you remove it with oil. A winner on all accounts!

Price: Rs. 1550 for Fluid line

5) Kohl

makeup essential from MAC

Image Via: Amazon

The MAC Techna kohl liner is easy to use twist up pencil, or you always have the iconic Kohl eye pencils which are amazing as always. M.A.C Kohl Power Eye Pencil – Feline (Rich Black) -The beauty of this cosmetic is it is adept for both smudging and blending. Dark is color it has a smoked finish with duo-chrome pearl

Price: Rs. 1450

Lip Products

1) Lipstick

makeup essential from MAC

Image Via: Influenster

A lipstick has the potential to do magic. And, you will be surprised as to how much it can elevate your overall look. It is a powerhouse, a pop of colour that will elevate your confidence and boost your style. Matte, glitter or creme, matching or contrasting there is so much you can do with a lipstick. MAC shades like Ruby Woo (Retro Matte range) and Relentlessly Red are absolutely iconic for brides if you’re looking for that perfect red, and shades we highly recommend.

Price: Rs. 1650

2) Lip Liner

makeup essential from MAC

Image Via: eBay

Lip Liners help the lipstick to stay put and exempts them from bleeding out.  Using a lip liner prolongs the wear for any lip color. Also, it is an excellent choice if you want to have fuller lips with a dash of cosmetics. The MAC lip pencil comes in a variety of shades, and is easy to use and makes the lipsticks long-lasting, which is what every bride wants!

Price: Rs. 1450

These are the makeup essentials from MAC that you should definitely have in your makeup kit. With their help, you can easily achieve a long-lasting polished look. So you can pick and choose products from these that you like for your own bridal makeup kit. The price of the makeup kit will depend on the products you choose, but the good part is that MAC has an option to pick and pay for a tutorial if you spend above a certain amount, and you should totally avail that and buy products against the price! If you are looking for the store locator in India, here is the link: