Remember the scene from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani where Ranbir Kapoor smears haldi all over Kalki Koechlin’s face during her haldi function?

High are the chances of you being in the same condition when you have such crazy  friends or cousins around and you won’t obviously would go for a full glam makeup on that day. So, here are simple makeup tips for your haldi ceremony to make you look flawless even with all the haldi on your face.

Apply Sunscreen!


Well, this is something which you should be already doing irrespective of any occasion. Haldi ceremonies often take place outdoors and you’re exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period of time which can harm your skin beyond repair. Take care of your skin by applying a generous amount of sunscreen on the exposed areas of your body.

Concealer To The Rescue


Avoid applying foundation for this ceremony, after all you don’t want to go for a heavy makeup look. But concealer comes to the rescue for hiding all the dark circles and spots you have on your skin. Apply on your problem area and look flawless!

Use Tints

Check this video for easy steps to apply it.

Want a sunkissed and natural look before all the haldi on your face? Lip and cheek tints that are multi purpose and extremely useful when you’re going for that simple and effortless look. Get your hands on a cream/gel/ liquid based tint and don’t forget to use it on the tip & bridge of your nose to make it look like a flush from within.

Eyeshadow? Splash Of Color!


If you’re too impatient for a full fledged wing eyeliner then get your hands on an eyeshadow stick that is cream based in any neutral shade. Colors like gold, rose gold or champagne look fresh and photograph well! Don’t go overboard though. You could even go for the same lip and cheek tint n your eyelids.

Highlighter For The Glow

This video will give you “highlight” into how to use it correctly.

All the girls can never miss out this step because you get all the GLOW! However, don’t go for powdered highlighter, instead pick a strobing cream or cream based highlighter and place it on the high points of your face and blend it for it to look subtle, seamless &  SHINY! 😉

Nude Lipstick


Those who don’t want to go ahead with the lip tint, this one is for you. Most of the haldi ceremonies take place in the daytime so avoid dark shades of lipsticks since they can look a little harsh for a day event. Pick a nice nude shade which suits best according to your undertone and if you are confused, ask your makeup artist! We prefer a matte nude lipstick and don’t forget to apply a lip balm before applying the lipstick. 

Makeup Setting Spray


So finally, to fix all the makeup that you have on your face, spray a little makeup fixer and you are good to rock the entire look. You won’t have to worry about your makeup melting under that heat or coming on hands of people when they apply you haldi. 

Aren’t these the most easy? Just follow these makeup tips for your haldi ceremony to look all flawless and natural, well, off course before you get thrown by all the haldi on your face! 😉