Mandaps hold an exceptional spot in each lady’s heart. All things considered, the initial step (or the initial seven rounds!) of your fantasy marriage starts directly there. On the off chance that you ask me, aside from the smorgasbord table, it is one of the most significant components of a wedding. It is likewise the spot liable to be shot the most! So you need to ensure that the mandap stylistic theme is only choice! Try not to stress Hun, I have an armory loaded with stylistic layout motivation to impart to you. Here is a look at the absolute best mandap style that I have run over!

1. Rich white window hangings with white roses

mandap decoration

The Curtain decoration is just taking our heart away! What do you think about this masterpiece?

2.  An excellent mandir themed mandap

mandap decoration

The top is inspired by the temples of India. The decoration is more about lights and threading flower chains.

3. The pink and white curtains with thick roses look so modern in mandap!

mandap ideas

P.S-the petals flawlessly dissipated along the path looks so lovely! The flower hangings of white and violet flowers is so pretty. Definitely the couple will admire taking vows under this decor inspiration.

4. Atti Sundar Floral Canopy mandap!

mandap inspiration

Just flowers yet so beautiful. This can be an inspiration for the couples who would love to take vows under the open sky and meet heaven.

5. Insignificant fluorescent pink window hangings with roses and white bougainvillea.

mandap ideas

Ain’t too pretty? Pastels are being all over so why not in mandap decorations!

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6. Standing out orange window hangings from an ocean of white blooms.

wedding decoration

Orange and yellow go hand in hand. This is another example of the deadly combination of wedding decorations.

7. Stylistic mandap layout

mandap ideas

Unique yet so pretty! This can be an inspiration for the wedding festival happening in hotel or some closed venue.

8. Lighting Twist in mandap

wedding decoration

Lights play a major role in decoration. The lights can make a simple and elegant decor look fancy and stylish. This can be a good example.

9. Violet Touch

mandap ideas

Beads and beads all over. White and violet can look so fancy together.

10. Flower Nest mandap

wedding decorations

Which mandap stylistic layout propelled you the most?