Traditionally, Hindu weddings are celebrated at a well-decorated mandap – a four-pole canopy erected at the center of the stage. Although the Decor varies from region to region across India, the basic concept remains the same – to bless the bride and the groom, who tie the wedding knot, erected at the wedding venue, primarily to conduct rituals like tying the mangal sutra, pheras and exchange of garlands (jaimala). However, in the present time, apart from the wedding rituals, pre-wedding ceremonies, such as engagement, are also conducted at a mandap. 

So here we are, as helpful as ever, to lend a modern twist to Mandaps, and help you choose your perfect option

1. Open Air Mandap
Amongst the Nature, Bequeath the Skies

Open air

This is for all the nature lovers out there. An open-air setup along with the calm and mystifying presence of mother nature is bound to make your wedding an exciting celebration.

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2. Mountain Top Mandap
On the cliff

Cliff wedding

One overlooking the world, as you get married will truly dwarf anything else and let you immerse in the moment. Add this to the breathtaking photographs you’ll be getting.

3. Floating Mandap
Floating in bliss

Floating mandap

Avenue, floating in water, will be as serene and calm as your wedding to come will be. It’ll also give you some alone time in one of the most important time.

4. Mandap At Home

Mandap at home

If you have enough space, what’s a better place to get married than your own home? Also, you’ll be spending one of the most important moments of your life in comfort and ease

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5. Urban Mandap
In the City

Urban Mandap
What’s more romantic than an Urban Love story, and what’ll be more romantic than an urban mandap. Set amongst the daily floats of your life, this  would be a stepping stone into your new Urban and Chic Lifestyle

And that’s it from our sides, if you have any suggestions, please do comment