Weddings in India entail an extravaganza of elaborate ceremonies. All of which have a religious elucidation and sum up to add to the overall grandiose of the affair and Mehandi design is just another in the trail.

Mehandi design

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Mehandi design holds a pronounced status in the Indian picture. And it’s worth encompasses even beyond the marriage to the successive important events like fasts like Karva Chauth and festivals like Holi and Diwali. But in spite of our jubilant indulgence in the event, most of us never make it a point to know its religious significance. And that is why we at Wed Amor are here.

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There are many theories about it.

The juta chupai rituals – CLICK HERE

Aunts and Grannies propagate it to be one of the most prized ornaments of the women and deeper the brown of the wedding henna the more affectionate are the wedded couple. Sources say, this is just a sweeter way to put it up, while the original implication hints at the voluptuous convening of the wedded couple and henna is an index to fertility. Perhaps it is herein from where the concept of writing the groom’s name in the Mehandi design art comes – to give the groom the first instance of holding the bride’s hand and head closer.

Mehandi design

Yet another theory suggests that the different Mehandi design motifs symbolize the connection with the divine while the 2 souls unite in a bond of commitment and dedication. Henna on the front of the palm is said to invoke. The Divine at the auspicious hour, while those on the reverse stand to shield the new couple from all negative energies. Application of henna on foot is associated with the honoring of the meeting of human and Mother Earth. 

Some must known things about mehandi:

The motifs that adorn the henna pattern also have a hidden meaning to it. Most patterns consist of some basic elements like checkboxes; ripples; zig-zag lines; sun, moon and the stars. Well, these aren’t random. While ripples represented the ever-flowing nature of water. In a way representing the ever-changing chord of emotions in life. The zig-zag lines stand for rain, fertility, and abundance. Sun, moon, and stars stand for the eternal love between the couple like the eternity of these celestial bodies.

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These customs being age-old have become obscure in their meaning and have been colored with the paint of modernization. But if you ever feel the need to know why our forefathers conceived the ritual, get back to us.

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  • Himanshi AgrawalApril 28, 2016 at 11:00 am

    As we know that all our Indian traditions and customs have always some reasons behind them. But most of us just follow them without knowing much. But this article unveiled those hidden parts about mehandi which  I didn’t know before. I also liked the way of explication of all the stories related to this wedding custom. Having such plethora of stories about Indian culture, It excites me to read more articles like this.

  • Nikita PradhanApril 29, 2016 at 1:31 pm

    Although most of the theories are superstitious(mehendi obviously can not be the index of fertility,and neither of eternal love),but it is important that we know the history of our traditions and also the reason we follow them.weddings are a big deal in our country, and we should know why we follow certain rituals and traditions rather than just blindly following it.Even I didn't know that mehendi had such significance until I read the article.

    Looking forward to more such article!

  • Meghna PathakApril 29, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    This article has unveiled some of the facts that remains untapped by the general audience and thus has indulged a feeling to be rooted to the tradition that one follows.The significance of mehendi can be attributed to both scientific and spiritual reasons. According to the scientists, there is an optimal temperature that exists for every human any deviation from this temperature creates a bot of the unfavourable conditions and thus came into effect the use of mehendi because of the unique property that it possess to cool down the temperature. According to hindu mythology, there is the existence of traditional superstitious reason which states that mehendi is the epitome of the trust and affection and thus has been propogated by our ancestors and also by the grandparents. Thus the beauty of mehendi lies in the reasons that remains still to be discovered by the today generation and this article helps in inculcating a habit of knowing the reasons behind the occurrence of the rituals and helps strengthen the roots that ties humans,religions and traditions together.

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