Much like the various wedding fundamentals, Mehandi too has become a big and isn’t just about those straightforward and essential examples. There is a wide scope of alternatives accessible at your apportion—directly from lovely representations, expound designs for your feet to rich strike structures. Nonetheless, one of the freshest and most adored mehandi configuration inclines that surfaced long back yet has been seething as far back as is the pattern of Rose Mehandi Designs.

“Simple and Classic”

henna designs

This design can be an inspiration for the cute little bridesmaid of the family. Straightforward and elegant rose and petals all around makes it look classic as well.

“Round and Graceful”

mehandi designs

For the bridesmaid who want to keep it simple but traditional. This design is something that is swinging all over. Lovely! Ain’t it?

“Rose and Paisley”

mehendi designs

Lovely paisley impressions give a lovely and refined look. Keeping the love for floral motifs intact, add a hint of personalisation to the mehandi by adding rose impressions and in a clear structural area in the palm! You too can add a small element of something you like in your wedding mehandi to make it special.

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“Peacock Style” mehandi design

mehandi designs

The lovely peacock design is favorite of all the time. Followed by some non-structured leaf pattern the peacock is completed. If You want to add some space to your mehandi design then this is the one for you. This design clearly proves that antique mehandi designs can be classic too!

“The Bride Story” mehandi designs

mehandi designs

Let the lady of the hour get a gift from her sister. The real bridesmaid can gift this mehandi design to her bride sister. The mehandi designs display the story of the wedding. Won’t this be a lovely gift for your sister?

“Floral and Quirky” mehandi designs

mehendi designs

This mehandi design is all about flower power. The beautiful floral motifs of roses, lotus, leaves and vines make this mehandi design a perfect floral package!

“Full of Paisley and Peacock”

mehendi designs

This mehandi design is definitely for the bridesmaid who doesn’t mind an overdose of the staple Indian mehandi motif of paisley! This peacock and paisley design is traditional and amazing. Perfect for the next big wedding festival in the family!

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“Rose and Paisley” mehandi designs

mehandi designs

This mehandi design stands out yet being simple and modish. The band structure on the wrist gives a classic look. Fingers being defined in a unique pattern gives a modern touch as well.

“Traditional Rajasthani” mehandi Designs

mehandi designs

This of hand-down one of the best intricate bridesmaid mehandi design. The elaborate mesh motifs and minimal floral pattern makes this top the list. The lotus structure defined in the center gives a traditional look. The fine lines of henna shows the rajasthani touch of the design.

“Personalized Motif and Rose” mehandi designs

mehandi designs

For the bridesmaid who want to be traditional and youthful together. Isn’t this design too cute? Minie and Mickey Mouse motifs look so adorable. It can definitely be your mehandi design inspiration.

“Paisley All Over”

mehandi designs

Paisley or paisley pattern is an ornamental design using the buta or boteh, a teardrop-shaped motif with a curved upper end. These little round structures togethjer gives a gigantic look.

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“Traditional leaf and Paisley”

mehandi designs

This mehandi design with leaf structires all over with thick borders looks alluring. The mat structure defined between the leaves sets traditionalism and beauty together.

“Henna Love”

mehendi designs

Full of henna with a variety of motif in one palm is definitely a choice of bridesmaid who loves henna. Peacocks on the top followed by mat structure sets a variety in one mehandi design.

“Middle Finger Bel” mehandi designs

mehandi designs for bridesmaid

For the girls who love to break the rules. Go rebel with the norm of getting bel through index finger. Set the bel mehandi design through your  middle finger. Lovely! Ain’t it?

“Not So Full” mehandi design

henna designs for bridesmaid

Not a big fan of covering your fingertips or your entire fingers with henna? Then try this pattern which has minimum design and maximum effect.

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“Peacock and Paisley” together

henna designs

Peacock and paisley motifs can look similar. Paisley structure can be followed by a peacock head. and when done this way, it turns out to be beautiful mehandi design.

“Dorsal Side Definition”

mehandi design

Defined structures on the wrist and fingers. This lovely impression on the back of the hand has a classic touch to its structure. Perfect for the girl gang to set a goal.

“Peacock and Mandala” mehandi designs

mehandi design

Can you see the fine structure that the craftsman has created? Such a classic peacock structure followed by mandala pattern. The fine dots all over sets the traditionalism on a whole new level.

“Fine God Structure”

mehandi design

For bridesmaid who want to include images of gods or goddesses in their bridal mehandi, such designs are the perfect inspiration!

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“Mor-Pankh Classic” Design

mehandi design

I believe, this structure needs no description. Such a beauty this design is! For the bridesmaid who want to stand out with their classic mehandi then this one for you.

“Cuff” mehandi design

henna designs

Cuff styled patterns are in trend these days. It is one modern look which focuses on the wrist rather than your palm. The beautiful design gives an illusion that you are wearing a beautiful hand jewellery or hath phool.

Mehandi structure lovers are mixing the appeal of rose themes into mehandi plans in such a large number of various and extraordinary ways. While some are including full blossom themes and going with them with restless leaves and thistles, others are joining little rose bootis with dazzling checkered examples. What’s more, they all look quite astounding. That is the excellence of roses! They can prettify your generally basic mehandi structures.