Mehendi, also known as Henna across the globe is a symbol of fortune and happiness in India. Women decorate their feet and arms with the henna paste on every auspicious occasion and festival. Another important day is celebrated in the wedding festival also. The bride, bridesmaid and the women of the family sit together and decorate each other’s hands with the henna paste.

Being the lady of the hour, every girl hunts for the unique and elegant designs for her special day. Here are some unique mehendi designs to make your treasure hunt easy like never before.

Three-Parts Mehendi

mehendi designs 2019

This is an excellent and exquisite looking straightforward mehendi configuration done in three sections on the palm. There is no specific theme utilized in this structure. Rather, portions of the palm are loaded up with mind boggling specifying and afterward laid out with a uniform leaf layout on all the three sections.

Asian Design

mehendi designs 2019mehendi designs 2019

It is evaluated as probably the best mehendi plans for all events. These are rich and relatively basic in light of the fact that the wealth neglects the unpredictability. What makes these plans considerably increasingly lovely? It’s the way that a few pieces of these structures are obscured by topping off holes and different parts are simply basic doodling which turns stunning. The impact of orange and dull maroon looks stunning. On the grounds that there are shades everywhere throughout the hand. These are great parts for marriage designs also, yet it is in every case great to attempt such plans just in the event that you have great hands at it.

White Henna

mehendi/henna designs 2019

When it’s your unique day, and even the best mehendi plans are looking decrepit to you, you can have a go at something new. Evaluate any of the most wonderful mehendi designs and the portions of the plans with various hues or body paints. Enlighten the mehendi planner regarding your decision and let them wrap up of the customization. Simply ensure you don’t put a lot of shading. It may eclipse the wealth and magnificence of the authentic mehendi yet a tone a greater amount of splendor does not hurt without a doubt.

Opposite Motif Pattern

mehendi/henna designs 2019

As it should be obvious, for this cool and simple mehendi plan, a similar example has been inverted and drawn once more. So once you draw the example, it ought to be simpler for you the second time around. You will be left with the cleanest structure if your henna cone coordinates.

Mughlai-Arabic Henna

mehendi designs 2019

This is an increasingly refined at this point new simple mehendi plan that may look troublesome. However, it is genuinely simple to apply. It require a few endeavors consummately. In the event that you realize how to utilize a cone this bloom based henna will be simple for you.

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Ring Style Henna

mehendi/henna designs 2019

A brilliant basic mehendi structure that each tenderfoot should give a shot is this plan. The design looks imaginative and eye-getting in the meantime with the bundle of roses it would seem that wonderful hand adornments. The fingers, then again, have been kept basic.

Heavy-Simple Mehendi

mehendi designs 2019

This is the most recent straightforward mehendi plan. A structure that is adored by all the inventive youthful spirits out there. Arabic structures are blended in here with Mughlai style henna plans to accomplish an extremely chic look of mehendi that may require some training.

Intricate Henna

mehendi/ henna designs 2019

This specific plan is likewise the most recent structure that may require somewhat more exertion in light of its multifaceted design however nothing you can’t accomplish. The plan is unpretentious with tedious examples as its fundamental feature alongside filled in mind boggling specifying fingers.

Turkish Inspired Mehendi

mehendi/henna designs 2019

This mehendi structure that comprises of all styles of examples and themes that are a fundamental piece of a few societies is the ideal plan to consummate your mehendi aptitudes. Turkish roused checks patter alongside Arabic themes, and a rose toward the finish of the plan, making it exceptional.

Block-Story Design

mehendi/henna designs 2019

For making such simple however overwhelming structure, one must be cautious about the new simple mehendi strokes. The mehendi cone should a little stick like entry point on its top with the goal that the strokes can be incredibly meager. With the assistance of more slender strokes, even a basic configuration can look charming. In the above picture, portraits are the fundamental focal point of the structure. Leaves are dependably the best alternative for confining the fingers. Furthermore, for clear separation of each structure, the twofold blueprint has been utilized.