This one is for all the brides who are having a church wedding and are looking for ideas. While choosing a gown may seem easy compared to putting together a lehenga, the decision is actually not that simple. There are silhouettes, hemlines, layers, tiers and a million other things to consider. To make things a tad bit easier for you, we have put together a list of the latest trends in wedding gowns.

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Blush Wedding Dresses

If you are looking for a subtle shade other than ivory, then blush may interest you. The colour caught the popular imagination when Mandy Moore opted for a blush wedding gown. Pair a blush gown, choose a soft pink or champagne coloured tulle veil so that they go along together. 

Mandy Moore Pink Wedding Dress


If you are looking to experiment, then you can opt for a darker blush skirt such as this. 

Dark Blush Wedding Dress


Lace Wedding Dress

Lace is always a safe, go-to option when it comes to wedding gowns. Within laces itself, there are multiple options available. While macrame and floral laces have a casual, outdoorsy vibe to them, beaded and studded lacework gives off a more ornate look. While making the choice, remember that this will affect your choice of veil as they have to complement each other. 

Wedding Dresses Vintage Chiffon Atelier Bucuresti>Rochie de Mireasa la Comanda> . #atelier #bucuresti #rochiidemireasa #rochii #mireasa


Playful Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves make you look young and fun and are super pretty. Wear them in an off-shoulder fashion to up the glam quotient. Designers are now creating designs with detachable sleeves, in case you choose to remove it for a more casual look during the reception. 



Scalloped Neckline

Scalloped necklines are a comeback from the ’80s era. Scallop necklines accentuate your figure while looking clean and bridal. 


Go Minimalistic

While lace and tulle have their appeal, there is something uniquely exquisite about a sheer white wedding dress. Simple and minimal wedding gowns were brought back in fashion by Meghan Markle who wore a boat neckline gown with three-fourth sleeves.


Blue Wedding Gowns

Guess what? Your wedding dress can be the ‘something blue’ on your wedding day. You can choose from various shades of blue from dusty blue to sapphire. This will look stunning if it is a beach wedding and will make for some jaw-dropping photos. 


Tiered Wedding Dress

Like lace, tiers have been a standard when it comes to wedding dresses and there is something mesmerising and breathtaking about tiered gowns. Voluminous tulle skirts are a great choice for the chic, modern bride. carolina herrera strapless tulle ruffles tiers wedding dress spring 2020


Metallic Gowns

It is hard not to be wowed by the detailing and work that has gone into the design of this gown. The beading that covers the tulle base looks very alluring.

Slits Are In!

More and more brides are now experimenting with high slits and low hemlines. If you are looking for daring design and you are not hesitant to show some leg, then this one is for you. It adds an inexplicable Hollywood charm to your bridal attire. 




Customisation is a trend that has slowly crept up into our weddings and one of the best areas to incorporate it is through your wedding veil. You can have your names, the date of the ceremony or your favourite phrase embroidered into the veil. If you want something more elaborate, then you can have images from your proposal or any other special day embroidered. 



We hope that we have given you some fantastic ideas. Pin your favourites and let us know what they are in the comments.