Weddings in India are one of the biggest celebrations of an individual’s life. When you have to plan your wedding, the requirement is to give your 100% in planning as well as organizing. Though weddings are considered as a celebration, they do take a toll on your pocket. A huge amount of money is spent on hosting a wedding. Apart from money, there is a lot of mental and physical activity involved. And during this pandemic, it is not even possible to host such a big wedding. So what is the solution to this problem? A micro wedding is a solution to this problem. Micro wedding refers to organizing a wedding where there are less than fifty people invited to the ceremony.

The micro wedding can be further divided into minimony which includes less than twenty-five people in the ceremony. Micro weddings and minimony are considered to be very effective at this time of the pandemic. Here are some reasons why you should consider hosting a micro wedding:


As there are fewer people present in the ceremony it is more intimate and filled with love rather than pomp and show. A micro wedding allows you to enjoy the company of people you truly love. This will provide you with immense happiness because you are starting your life’s new chapter in the presence of a few people who care about you.



Micro weddings are not just intimate but they also bring happiness to your bank balance. There is a huge difference between organizing a wedding of thousands of people and less than fifty people. Therefore, a micro wedding is budget-friendly and you can save a lot of money. And in addition to that, you can use that money for traveling the world or invest in property.


Easy to make changes

As there are fewer people involved in a micro wedding, it is very easy to make changes in the plans. For example, if you want to customize the menu according to the guests attending the wedding, you have the liberty to do so.


Less Stress

If there are fewer people involved in the wedding, it would be really easy to manage them and execute the plan. Therefore, a micro wedding is considered as less stressful than normal weddings. You can micro-manage things which assure you that everything will be perfect on your wedding day.

Value of traditions can be inexpensive

A micro wedding doesn’t mean eloping and getting married in secret. It is just like a normal wedding. It enjoys all the rituals and traditions but is also inexpensive. Hosting a micro wedding means you can have all the fun and you can also save money.


Much more personal

In today’s era where everyone is selfish and involved in their own lives, it is a blessing to have a few people who care about you. In return, you are giving your trust and a forever place in your heart. Therefore, celebrating the most important day in your life with those people is like expressing the love you have for them. People say that be it a celebration or be it a problem, everything becomes fun when you are with the right people. And these people have been with you through thick and thin. So, this is the best way to have a wedding which is not just to show off and is much more personal.


Lockdown friendly

The world is suffering from a pandemic that is dangerous to human life. The only way to control this disease is to follow social distancing. Therefore, if you want to get married in this lockdown, micro wedding or minimony is the solution to it. This the best way to start the new chapter of life amidst this pandemic. 

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