Weddings in India is the biggest celebration in every household due to a lot of reasons. Along with being a special day for the bride and the groom as they start a new phase of life, it is a new start for their families too. There are new relations made, new members join along with the fun of celebrating these new beginnings.

All friends and relatives take out time to come together for the celebrations and the get-together helps to revive old memories and spend quality time. These times are made even more special with good food and drinks. Who doesn’t love talking to their loved ones while munching their favorite snacks?


As the trends are changing and weddings are transforming, becoming more modern and bigger than ever, new food trends have also come in. It is no more the era of simple and ordinary food menu with common dishes. Everyone who spends big amounts on their special day needs an exclusive and personalized menu. These days some preferences are given importance. For instance, some might need a vegan menu or a few vegan options, or according to a specific diet plan of the family, or just a particular cuisine. The choices vary according to what people want and like and hence knowing the mind-blowing food trends in 2020 to look out at Indian weddings can be helpful.

Latest Food Trends at Indian Weddings

Self-Serving Counters


Self-Serving counters are apt for guests who are choosy and have specific limitations when they eat. It is best for the ones who arrive late at your celebrations. It is convenient and can help suit the guests as well as the ones arranging it.

Eat Street and Desi

Who doesn’t love street food? And when two street food lovers tie the knot, this is the best way to celebrate them. It can vary from having the whole theme that way or just a section, is up to the planning team.

The Artistic Taste

Mixing art with food can be truly an aesthetic experience. Designing the counters, decorating them with unusual color combinations or lighting can be done.


Along with this, color confetti, special dessert counters; special themes for each category can do wonders. It can also include flowers. Flowers go hand in hand with weddings, whether it is decor or jewelry. So, adding edible flowers for garnishing salads, for decor of plates, mixed in drinks, etc., can be an eye-catching idea.

Bond over Food

Isn’t food the best way to bond? Add the theme of grazing tables at your weddings, where people eat together, bond, and socialize to take away good and happy memories from your celebrations.

High-Level Customization

A few wedding planners indulge in a lot of customization as per the requirements of the couple getting married and their family members. It can go from healthy dishes to a specific cuisine, to vegan options to any variant as per the choice.

Present with Style


Presentation is an important element of food. It becomes tastier when presented with style. So, keep an eye on planning the plating properly for a good eating experience.

Unconventional Way to Eat




Seeking healthier and organic food options or presenting one bowl meal options, unconventional is the new trend. Trying something unique sets you apart and makes your ceremony memorable. It can include special bar decor, cocktail, or food-themed backdrops along with following a specific theme for sitting arrangements.

Eco-Friendly Eating

Environmental protection can be taken into consideration with food by the use of eco-friendly utensils, cutlery, and plant-based options in all your ceremonies.

So, go ahead to select the best one from these mind-blowing food trends in 2020 to look out at Indian weddings!