As the famous saying goes, “Change is the only constant.” With fast fashion and super fast-changing trends, the industry is growing every minute. For Wedding Trends, time matters, the location matters and moreover, the choice of the trend, compatible with your wedding idea matters. 

Like every other trend, they are very replaceable. One trend is popular for a certain time being until the time another one catches up to it. As a guide, here is a list of some popular trends that might help you pick the most suited one for your wedding. 

  • Green Vibes

One of the biggest trends in 2020 is the ‘green vibes’ trend. The ideologies of going green and sustainability come together in this decor. As this year has been extremely haywire and we have realized how crucial and important it is to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Moreover, this is extremely aesthetic and calming to see.

Green is also known to symbolize life, renewal, nature, and energy. Furthermore, for celebrations, growth, harmony, freshness, safety, and fertility are also some meanings that signify and co-relate with this color. 

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  • Magical Mysticism Trends

This wedding trend tends to bring out little bits of magic all around it. The decor is set up to be enchanting & mystifying. It is supremely dreamy, elegant, faerie tale, and fantasy-like. For this decor, the place is adorned with candles, crystals, flowers, a little smoke, and fairly lights. Consequently, is extremely mindblowing to come across such a theme. 

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  • Floral Wedding Trends

As the name suggests, these decors are full of various sorts of flowers. Flowers are usually used for almost all sorts of weddings, as decor. Although for this trend, specifically, flowers are a major part of the decor. The place is fragrant with a combination of variety of flowers and this adds to the simple and classy look of the decor. It can be simple as well as exquisite and extravagant. This trend has become one of those which rarely tends to go out of style. 

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  • Royal Wedding Trends

Royal trends are grand weddings that are very extravagant and huge! These require plenty of effort but are worth every bit of the effort. These are sometimes inspired by the ancient grand wedding that used to happen in India. Furthermore, it is the marriage of two royal families together at a large gathering.

Royal-Esque weddings have one thing in common – they use three specific colors for either decor and theme. White, blue, and gold are predominantly seen in all royal weddings. White represents purity, gold represents wealth and blue is the color of wisdom and loyalty. A play of these three will give your wedding a touch of elegance and class.”

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  • Colorful Weddings

Color plays an extremely crucial role in the life that we live in today. Colors can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. They are extremely important. Specifically, in decorations, a colorful and well-balanced theme wins hearts! Moreover, it is also advised to play around with various sets of colors to find out the one best suited for your theme. 

Finally, you choose a colorful trend, make sure to pair the entire wedding decor in a manner that will be set in complementary colors.

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  • Micro Wedding Trend

This trend, as the name suggests uses minimal decor and usually is a small-scaled wedding. It is a gathering of only friends and close relatives. Moreover, it is intimate and comparatively smaller than usual weddings. Furthermore, it is an abbreviation used where a handful of guests are invited. This ranges between 20-25 people, generally. Consequently, is simple, relaxed, and absolutely easy flowing as there is no room for stress!