In addition to bangles, maang tikka, earrings and necklace, anklets, is yet another important, unmissable ornament for most of the brides. Anklets commonly known as payal or pajeb in India are worn by almost every little child, young lady and old woman. As we grow up, we come to know that people are also casting off to make anklets for the idols of gods. Bridal anklets have been an important jewelry item in Indian weddings and are now a beautiful quantity of jewelry on other occasions.

Bridal anklets have been an important jewelry item in Indian weddings. Hence, we are here with some trendy anklets. So, scroll down choose a style for your wedding. 

1. Kundan Bridal Anklet

At times, neatly studded gems or pearls can do wonders to the anklet. Substantial gems stuck to the anklet make it look very royal. In addition, the anklet is especially defined by its thickness of the chains.


2. A Blingy Anklet

There is nothing called as ‘too much of bling; for a good Indian bridal look. 


3. South Indian Anklets

These anklets are comprehensively crafted with delicate gold beads and elements. They give a Jhallar effect that is supplemented with gemstone embellishments.


4. A Traditional Anklet

It is the bunch of beads of silver tied together. It is a heavy silver anklet that presents tradition. If a bride walks with it, somebody would definitely that she has worn that anklet.


5. Silver And Gold Anklet

The four-tiered anklet is both intricate and understated, with elegant clusters of flowers and tiny beads. A display of versatility and exclusivity, the combination of metals is fascinating and for any fashion-forward bride, it is the accessory. 


6. Marathi Bridal Anklet

The brides of Marathi adorn a comparatively simple type of anklets made up of gold and emeralds.


7. Silver Anklet

These are silver chains mounted and studded with a broad diamond. Moreover, two peacock motifs on either side give it a touch of Indian culture.


8. Bridal Anklet With Toe Ring Attached To Them

This is a special type of Payal as well as a toe ring. If you’d ever like to be one of those brides, those styles are designed for you! It looks more impressive and royal.


9. Floral Bridal Anklet

The flower anklets are ideal for the Haldi ceremony. Either artificial flowers can be used or actual flowers can be used. The flowers add beauty to everything. In addition, these anklets can be easily matched with other pieces of jewelry.


10. Oxidized Silver Anklet

This -beautiful oxidized pair of great-colored stones is a proof that traditionality has its own charm.


11. The Gold Hue Anklet

This ankle is a total beauty. It is golden in color with a zirconia gem. Zircon diamonds are known to have healing properties and are especially used in marriages. There are a lot of benefits to it. This ankle looks amazing with Mehandi’s golden glitter.


12. Rajasthani Bridal Anklets

A chunky ankle covered in gold elements, a Rajasthan bride’s anklet gives a royal look to the bride. This heavy anklet can either be a hard metal or be a one with elaborate work.


13. The Antique Anklet

This embedded anklet gives an antique yet a contemporary look. It is beautifully embedded with kundans.


These are all the new and most fashionable bridal anklet designs. Experimental designs can also include tribal, lacey and colorful anklet designs. Whichever anklet design you select, we are sure you will love it without any regrets. If you want to share another design of the anklet that is not mentioned in the list above, comment down below.