It is often said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Multiple stories, with different perspectives, can be conveyed through a single picture. This is the reason why wedding photographs and wedding videos are so crucially important. They serve as a reminder when memory betrays and they are permanent and unfazed. 

Photographs make you relive your special day along with your special one, year after year. As a wedding is full of treasured moments and wonderful happenings, you would want to store all of these memories for future days to come. Here is where the photos and videos come in, to make you feel like you are wedded again and again and again! 

Some specific and mandatory photographs are needed in certain families and certain cultures. Regardless of those and for some, even including those, here is a well-curated list of must-have wedding photographs that you will surely cherish in the future!

Wedding Invites’ Photographs

Capturing the lovely cards that call everyone and start the process of the wedding! This will serve as a starting memory and boost early memories.

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Pre- Wedding Fests

All the wedding ceremonies need to be shot to get a real feel and experience of the wedding and the joining of two families. 

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Pre- Wedding Shoot

Some couples enjoy a pre-wedding shoot while others opt from doing so. These help in creating a memorable album of fond memories. 

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A Day Before the Wedding Photographs

These shots are crucial to set the foundation for the wedding. These may include trying out outfits for the bride and groom, setting up accessories for the couple, arranging the necessary items for the grand day, or even spending the night with your family, talking about all the festivities, the grand day and playing games!

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Wedding Venue & Decor Photographs

Covering the wedding venues, preparations, floral decor, and other decor creates an ambiance and a joyful environment.

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Bride & Groom’s Arrival Photographs

This serves as an actual beginning of the entire ceremony. One of the most crucial moments of a wedding that needs to be photographed!

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Getting Ready Wedding Photographs!

For this, photographs will not be enough, streams of time-lapses and videos and short boomerangs would be most appropriate in capturing this precious moment purely. 

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Bride’s Family

A happy family always leaves you feeling happy on the inside, after getting ready, this picture is surely a must-have!

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Groom’s Family

In addition to the bride’s family photograph, we also need the groom’s to have a complete picture-perfect album. 

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Bride’s Team

Fun times without friends are quite probable to forget, so on auspicious and special days, like weddings, having a team is so important! A bride’s friends would lend a helping hand, and give a gentle push as and when required. Also, it is always useful to have more hands when you have to get ready! 

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Groom’s Team

A brother always has another’s back. On special days like these, having a team of bros to make you smile and enjoy this day with you- what more can you ask for?

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The Bride and the Groom Photographs

This is indeed the most important wedding photographs out of all of these listed here. Everything revolves around the couple, hence these shots (OBVIOUSLY MORE THAN ONE) are the gems to the crown of your wedding album. These are the ones you would look for, especially. 

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Wedding Rings

This symbolic photograph is a reminder of the first time you and your spouse wore these rings that you wear to date. 

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Customs and Rituals

Taking photographs of various rituals and traditions in a wedding aids in capturing the entire wedding efficiently. It also serves as a treasured memory!

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Photographs During Wedding Moments

  • Children

Cute little babies roaming around, dressed wonderfully, helping out in little preparations of the wedding- Can your wedding get any cuter?!

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  • Relatives

Just this photo below is enough to show the importance of reactions that need to be captured during the wedding! Relatives, close friends and family, guests and others often become an integral part of the wedding. 

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  • Pets

Your furry friends dressed in the cutest outfits- how much more special can your day get?

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  • Events

Couple dances, singing performances, and other events like is what brings out a liveliness in the wedding!

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  • Food & more!

No event is ever complete without food. This meal is one that you will never forget, so why not keep it forever?

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After the Wedding Photographs

You are sure to get captured in “in love moments,” “sweet smile moments,” “drops of tears moments,” (happy ones, of course) and more such sentimental precious photographs during this time. 

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Departure Photographs

A picture like this, with a “Just Married,” poster on the car is the perfect way to conclude your perfect day!

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Finally, this concludes the list of the must-have wedding photographs that make the wedding treasured forever.