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After all the time and energy that goes into planning a wedding, you want to ensure that the fruits of your labour are adequately documented. On the day of the wedding, you will be too busy to take note of photos are being taken. That is why you need to make a checklist. Plan this along with your photographer so that things go smoothly on the big day. Some shots like the one of the bride and the groom and one of the bridesmaids will never be missed. So here we have collated a list of must-have shots which are quite uncommon.

Wedding Invitation

A photo of your invitation package. If the invitation is being sent with a few goodies, then make sure you get a shot capturing all the articles. While photos are well and good, do remember to save an invitation for yourself to look back on in the years to come. 

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All Of Your Accessories

Let’s face it; you are not going to wear this much jewellery all at once again. So might as well capture all the beautiful pieces that you have so diligently put together. From you Maatha Patti to your Payal each element adds its own charm to your bridal look, so capture it all.


Along with the accessories you can also include the lehenga and shawl and even your wedding shoes. Prop them against an elegant background to get a gorgeous shot. 

Hanging Lehenga


The Wedding Attire

The wedding attire, which was so carefully chosen and colour coordinated must be captured in all its glory. Take this shot in advance so that there is no hassle while you are getting ready on the wedding day.

17. The one with the groom’s attire:


Makeup Shots

You will want to capture your transition into the bridal look. This is the time where you will be experiencing a whirlwind of emotions – happiness, nervous excitement, anxiety- and all that has to be documented. You can have a before make-up shot of yourself sipping a cup of coffee. In addition to make-up shots, you can also take photos of wearing the jewellery, of draping the shawl and even one of your hairdo. 

Indian Bride Photo Album Image Courtesy: Dkreate Photography


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The Kids In The Party

Kids make for some of the most adorable photos. Their pure, unaltered expressions will bring a smile to your face every time you go through the wedding album. Also, it will be fun when many years down the lane you look back and see how much they have grown. 

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Candids Are A Must

Nothing beats a candid shot of a laughing bride or that of a groom looking lovingly at his new wife. But candids cannot be pre-planned. But what can be is your choice of a photographer. While going through their portfolio, keep an eye out to check how good they are at capturing those million-dollar moments. Shots such are these are what set apart a gifted photographer from a good one. 

josephradhik dont know what to say about this pic 🤗🤗 ・・・ The ...


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The Feet Post

You have spent quite some time on your feet, what with all the mehndi, the matching payals and the stunning heels. Now, more often than not, the lehenga is going to cover up your hard work completely. So make sure that you capture them in photos.

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Love this portrait shot of the Indian bridal shoes with the red lehenga. #Frugal2Fab


The Dance Moves

Capture the joy and enthusiasm of your friends and family as they dance their heart out during Sangeet and reception. Get both long distant shots and close up ones so that both the moves and the expressions are captured.

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We hope we reminded of you of a couple of things which you may have otherwise forgotten. Go ahead, make a list and mail it your photographer.