“Sister Of The Bride” is like a special character in your wedding ceremony. She is the most important person to stay by your side throughout your wedding. She will ensure that your friends are enjoying the food and drinks and at the same time pacify your parent who are going through and emotional phase while you are getting married. She’s the life of the party and the ultimate lifeguard in times of crisis.

So, pictures with your sister are must and here are our selection of must have sister of the bride shots in your wedding album.

Kaleera Shot




This ceremony is specially made for all the younger sisters and cousins to know who is going to get hitched after the bride. So why miss a chance on getting clicked while your sister is performing the ceremony.

Walking Down The Aisle Shot

The most emotional shot has to be the one where your army of sisters are backing you and walking down the aisle along with you. Walking towards the mandap while surrounded by your sisters and bridesmaid is what all the bride would ever ask for.

Getting Ready Shot


While this shot is also important for mother and daughter photoshoot ideas, it is also important to get clicked while your ride or die- your sister is helping you get ready. Whether it is adjusting your lehenga, helping out with your anklet or pinning your dupatta, all will be handled by her. 

Joota Chupai Shot


If you don’t have this shot, you are missing out on a major memory of the wedding. This tradition is especially for the sisters of the bride where they try to mischief around with their jeeju. Worth capturing moment.

Portrait Shot

You know this one right? Where you elegantly sit with your sisters, and get a vintage moment captured to frame on your walls. Take some extra time out after getting ready and before reaching the destination for these portrait shots. Try including other family members too. 

Helping Her Shot


Well that’s what sisters are for. All the sisters would be behind the scenes sorting you and helping you out. Whether it is during your mehendi to help feed you food or during haldi to help you clean later on or in the mandap to help you carry your outfit. Your photographer should captures these shots that represent the essence of your sisterhood. 

Twirl Shot


While as much as the bride gets the opportunity to twirl and show off her outfit, so does her sister. Because you both got your best clothes on after all and you need a shot while doing that beautiful twirl!

Just can’t get enough of these shots? Yes, we can’t as well. So, these according to us are the must have sister of the bride shots in your wedding album.