must have wedding photographs

Wedding photography is more than just taking appealing photos of the bride and groom. Experts in wedding photography know the moments that couples and their families will want to revisit when the wedding is over. A good wedding album should be able to capture the highlights of the wedding.

Must Take Pictures of Your Wedding Day

Whether you are a wedding photographer or planning your own wedding, these are some moments you should not be missing:

Pre-Wedding Shots

Even before the main ceremony starts, there is so much happening at a wedding. Having these shots taken will help the photographer warm up to the main wedding as well as get more familiar with the couple and their immediate family, it will also provide you with some great moments and memories to look back at and cherish. Some shots you should be taking are:

  • The dress. Place the dress on a pedestal or a beautiful backdrop. It’s the star of the show along with the bride.
  • Getting Ready shots. Click a few pictures as the bride gets the final touches of her hair and makeup. You can have the groom putting on his shoes, turban or any traditional accessory.
  • The Jewelry Shot. In any Indian wedding, jewelry is something every other woman would be talking about. It’s the most important accessory of the wedding. Take a few close-ups of the jewelry with a soft light.
  • The Henna Pictures. Wouldn’t you agree that the bride’s hand decorated with henna is an art in itself?

must have wedding photographs

  • Bridal Portraits. The best time for bridal portraits is just before the wedding. That’s when the makeup is fresh. There are no guests to demand the bride’s attention.
  • Detail Shots. Details shots of a few crucial accessories like rings, heirlooms, flower setting, and the cart, etc can serve as important reminders of the day later on.
  • Venue Shots. The best time to take shots of the venue is before the guests arrive and the venue is all set to receive guests.
  • Pre-wedding celebrations. All the hoopla surrounding an Indian wedding is something families talk about more than the wedding itself. Take a few pictures of the groom’s friends having fun with the groom or the bridesmaids sharing their tips with the bride.

must have wedding photographs

Wedding Celebrations

There’s so much happening at a wedding that it’s easy to miss a few shots. But a wedding isn’t going to repeat itself. If you manage to capture these shots, your wedding album is going to be a success.

must have wedding photographsThe Baaraat

The entry of the groom is a ceremony in itself. The music, the dances, the horse and the grand procession, all of these make for great photos. Be sure to focus on the groom, and his immediate family.

Welcome of the Baaraat

As the baraaat enters the venue, the bride’s family comes forward to greet their guests. This is another highlight of the main day.

The Doli

Once the groom and his family settle down, the next main part of the day is when the bride enters a Doli. Get close-ups of the bride and a few long-distance shots to capture the mood.

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The Main Ceremony

As a wedding photographer, you should be on the front line. Here are some times you need to have your camera ready:

  • As the bride and groom exchange garlands
  • The Mangal Phera: the sacred walk around the fire that ties the knot
  • Pandit reciting the wedding vows
  • The groom puts the sindoor on his bride’s hairline
  • The groom puts the Mangalsutra on his bride
  • The emotions of the bride and groom’s family

must have wedding photographs

The Post-Ceremony Part

The wedding isn’t finished after the ceremony. There’s still so much to record. As the wedding winds up, look out for the following shots:

  • The guests congratulating the bride and groom The guests enjoying the wedding and the food  • Socializing between the bride and groom’s families.
  • The bride throwing rice
  • The bride leaving the venue with the groom
  • Emotions of the bride and groom’s family.

must have wedding photographs

If you are able to cover these shots, you will cover almost everything important. Take things a little further and capture all these shots from different angles, and distances. Remember to choose the right lens to capture the moment. Keep your camera out and ready to shoot at all times.

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