Weddings are celebrated as festivals in India with extensive colors, music, dance, costumes, rituals and decorations depending on the religion of the bride, groom, as well as their preferences. Hence, the photographers have a special role to play in capturing those precious moments for the couple as the memories will be cherished all their life. So today, we got a chance to interview the force behind Neeraj Rawat Photography who have captured plenty of special moments for many couples.

Here goes the interview.

Tell us something about Neeraj Rawat Photography, your team, and what inspired you to become a wedding photographer?

Neeraj Rawat Photography offers wedding photography, pre-wedding photography bridal makeup photograph and more. Love of two couples, there pleasure, excitement keeps me motivated and excited towards my photography works.

How do you get the couples in front of the camera onto the film or paper in just the way you want?

I make the couples feel comfortable and creates the friendly environment with them, so that they excited to give unique styles for there clicks.


Briefly describe the services you are offering and what makes you different from your competitors? (Include the photography services you are offering and how you are competing with other players?)

I am offering services in wedding photography, fashion photography, product photography. I include fashion photography style with wedding photography and makes the shoot unique, creative and beautiful.

You have covered a number of weddings from different parts of India. Which one remains your favourite and why? (Please send the photographs also for our audience.)

All my works are appreciated by my clients, one of the recent favorable works i mention of Yamini from Rajasthan.

India, being such a diverse country rich in various cultures, customs and traditions, what have been the biggest challenges so far in establishing yourself in the country?

As an artist i meet different cultured people and knows how to make them feel comfortable with me.

Which aspect of your work excites you the most?

My all works, specially the one in which couples forget the surrounding and leave them for awesome photography shoots.

What was your career path? How did you get from being an aspiring photographer to actually doing it full time for a living?

I did internship under top fashion photographer Mr saraubh dua. After than i did freelance photography and teach photography in delhi public school as part time, than i completely move on into the photography works.

How has the journey been so far and what are your future plans?

Excited and in future i want to get my name in top 10 world photographers.