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New Age Menu Add-Ons to Best Serve Your Guests

Food is lifestyle of living. In today’s world where dreams are considered attainable and nothing seems impossible with advancing technology, people have understood the importance of passion. Pursuing what they love to do and making an earning out of it is what keeps our life on the right track. So with needs to fulfill passions, every industry is making way to progress.

From fashion to lifestyle and from media to weddings, new and innovative ideas have paved the way. One such enhancement is in the catering or food section of your weddings. As you have been open to adapting creative items to your fashion, jewelry, decor, and another department, why leave this? As new and young planners set their foot in the industry, experimentation is taking place. From laying out different cuisines to innovative decor techniques, add-ons could be countless.


For obvious reasons, the food menu has to go along with the culture you both come from and also with the place of the ceremony. It needs to be enough to attract your guests but also filling for all of them. Varieties can be a feature but not letting the food get wasted is a responsibility too. Hence let us lookout for some new-age menu add-ons to best serve your guests.

Ideas for an Attractive Menu

Season Based Theme

Why not set your plate with what’s in season? The trendy and most suitable way to cheer up all your guests is by presenting the delicacies of the season, the fresh, organic as well as unique options. Like some strawberry desserts for the spring.

Color Theme

These days’ theme parties create the ultimate magic. From having theme decorations to all family members clothed as per the theme color, it’s a new style. Working like modern-day wedding planning, why not take a step further? Why not add this color theme to your food menu? You might want to choose a color that most of your dishes can represent or just your catering items can symbolize.

Wedding Menu


The wedding menu is a western trend. It is a popular one there but here we mostly make use of our guesswork. So why not state the obvious with handmade, decorate food menus on each table. It gives a classy and modern look with a touch of elegance and uniqueness.

A Favorite Bar or Station

Everyone nowadays has a cocktail or mock tail bar at their wedding. Why not you do something different and replace it with a food bar? From a bar of your favorite dessert like doughnuts, brownies, tarts, or a station of delicious pizza varieties, you have so many options to choose from. Along with that, it provides your guests variety of options and a beautiful corner to stroll around.

Mini Snacks


Most of the guests in your wedding look out for out-of-the-box starters. It is the main part, as the first impression of what you have in offer. So, why not set that in style. Some cute, little mini snacks, like mini sandwiches, mini pizza, mini momos, and others can do the trick.

Cuisine Special

If you want to follow a theme, it could also be fixing a particular cuisine. All cuisines have so many dishes to offer. It will also help your guests to focus on one style and taste varieties they might have never tasted.

Unique Desserts


Another way to have a unique menu add-on is going out of your way to curate a separate and interesting menu for the desserts like pies and tarts.

Bagel Buffet

Bagel Buffet is a new and western concept of serving you customized food at parties. It helps the guest to make their own choices and varieties.





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