This is the era of change and experimentation. People love to evolve, welcoming changes with a smile and an open heart. They love to embrace what’s coming next, looking forward to it. From transformations in fashion trends to educational techniques, from modernizing of thoughts to presenting a wider perspective to the society, change has done wonders.

One more area where there have been constant changes especially in this new age is the wedding industry. It is no more just the way of bonding two souls together but is a show of pop and glamour. New-age weddings are a way to live your dreams, to have a good family getaway, to have fun, adopting new trends, and making new ones for others.


Weddings these days are beyond the usual and mandatory rituals and ceremonies. There so many new-age decors, fashion, wedding invitations, wedding favors, and food menu ideas to embrace. Along with these, trends are coming up like western bridesmaids or groomsmen trends, magical bridal entries, and huge pre-wedding functions. Furthermore, destination weddings is also one among others. People adopt these ideas by watching celebrities or inspirations on the internet. But as you get to know about the new-age wedding trends & tools you can embrace, having a personal touch is essential. It is important to adapt these to evolve and get to the mainstream. But not forgetting who you are, is important too.

So, keeping up our likes and dislikes here are few new-age wedding trends and tools you can embrace as you celebrate your D-day.

Latest Wedding Trends and Tools

Photo booths and Drone Shoots


Capturing the wedding moments in the best possible way is an important element of weddings these days. This includes using drones for the beautiful ariel shots. Along with this providing a decorative backdrop with elements of shoots, helps to make memories more stylish and memorable.

Digital Invitations and Guest books

Digital guests’ books help to make your workload of manual guest lists easier. Also, e-cards are convenient and eco-friendly along with having a wider scope of experimentation.

Personalized 3D Style

Imagine how a 3D invitation card, wedding favor, or cake can help to add a personalized touch to your D-day!


Hashtags are the trend nowadays. They help to make your special day famous by reaching out to a larger audience.

Eco-Friendly Trending


It is important to know how your larger than life celebrations that can harm the environment. Adapting eco-friendly ways like reusable decor, cutlery, and utensils, recyclable glasses, and bottles, etc. could be a great initiative.

Self-Serving Counters and Customized Menus


Self-serving counters are still not very famous. But these are a good way to serve the late-coming guests. Along with this, weddings these days give a chance to plan a customized menu. This can include vegan options, healthy options following a particular diet, etc. to keep all demands under one roof.

Streaming Life Stories

Having big screens in the pre-wedding celebrations or the big day to show all your loved ones the story of how you both met and are going to start a new phase is the new trend.

Intimate Weddings

While few people like to have big and lavish weddings, some consider micro weddings the best. These intimate weddings are taking up the trend as more people want to share their special moments with the ones who actually care instead of just spending worthlessly.

Donate and Share

Sharing your special moments with underprivileged, helping them, and bringing a smile on their faces is becoming popular too. It helps to seek pure blessings with a good start of your new phase.

Fashion Stylists


These days along with wedding planners, fashion stylists are taking up the industry too. They help to plan your outfits, style your look, and make you look the best according to your needs and requirements.

Website or Live streams

A few people take a step further to create special websites for their D-day. It includes information, love story, quirky photos, venue, maps, and other important details. It can work as a perfect link between all your guests and your planning and celebrations that they need to know.