Weddings have been an important part of human existence since the time immemorial. Traditions changed, new practices got adopted, celebrations became larger than life, but the practice of binding two people in a bond of love with all the near and dear ones taking part in the fun and cheer, blessing the couple for a healthy and happy life ahead, still holds a very important place in the societal norms.


For most people, their wedding is the biggest day of their life, the one they have had plans for since they were kids. They always dreamt of having the so-called fairy tale ‘happily ever after’. So in recent years, a lot of effort is put to make this special day even more special and memorable, not only for the couple but for each one who becomes a part of the celebrations. Out of the many new concepts that have been adopted by the society, wedding decorations have become a very essential part of this change. A lot of effort and money is invested, hiring special wedding decorators, selecting the likable theme and decorative products, choosing the color combination and type of flowers along with all the other details to get exactly what you have in mind.

Decoration of the pre-wedding functions


Nowadays, people not only focus on the arrangements of the ‘big-day’ but a lot of efforts are made for the arrangements of the pre-wedding functions including the Mehendi, Haldi, engagement, and other ceremonies. Earlier people used to celebrate these functions with a small gathering at home with no extra cost of decorations or special arrangements. But as the trends are changing, it is becoming a tradition to make these events larger than ever with specific theme decorations, food, and dress codes.

A lot of people choose specific backdrop decorations corresponding to the theme of the function, like yellow-flower decorations for Haldi with special and funky placards to make the event more interesting and get memorable pictures. It can also include dress codes and badges or gifts for guests according to the theme.

Decoration for the big day


A wedding is something where no-one wants to leave any stone unturned. Everybody wants world-class arrangements that they can remember and talk about in their lifetime. It is a day where not only two individuals but their families also tie a bond of promises and vows. Nowadays, the trend of decorations at weddings has changed too. Earlier it used to be simple flower decorations on the stage to make that area look different from the other parts of the venue. But as people are getting the capacity to spend lavishly, especially to show their power and prestige, a lot more importance is given to such events. Following the footsteps of the high-class people, most people these days try to put as much money and effort as possible to make the venue look like a fairy tale of their dreams.

New and Interesting Decor Ideas

Nature Inspired Decor


Make your special celebrations, relaxing too with using the beauty of nature. From the decor on trees to having grass decor, using bamboo and wooden logs for decor is a good idea. Along with the decor, the food counters, sitting arrangements, and stage setup can be inspired by that too like wooden chairs and rustic look.

Desi Style Decor

Who doesn’t love the Dhaba food? Think of that look, from the sitting arrangements to the use of utensils to decor. The waiters and servers can dress up that way too.

Modern Pop Decor

Pop is the trending style. Having modern art decor with pop of vibrant and enchanting colors can make your wedding stylish and fun.

Fairy Tale Decor


Live your dream of a perfect fairy tale wedding. Include white and pastel flower decor, lamps and candles, decorated ceilings, a decorated carriage, and much more.

Royal Decor

The royal fort weddings are classy and memorable. Those huge chandeliers decorated fort and fountains, nature all around with a mesmerizing view is a perfect wedding combo.

Light It up 




Lights can lift up anything. With perfect use of lights according to your theme colors, you can make any look work.

It is getting harder to get married, owning to all the changing trends. But it is more fun, with a plethora of memorable moments to live, and the arrangements getting interesting with each member of the family have an area of responsibility according to their abilities. It braces togetherness and love, helping to make special moments even more lively and unforgettable.