Hairbands are quite an unusual choice for wedding-related events, but a lot of brides have found ways to rock a stylish hairband. From floral to pearl, there are a variety of designs available in the market. Hairbands are a popular choice for the Haldi and Mehndi event. It also helps keep your hair away from the face if you are going for an open hairstyle. If you are looking for ideas to incorporate a hairband into your hairdo, then look no further. We have for you the most popular hairband styles. 

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Floral Hairband

These beautiful red roses worn in a hairband fashion is what completed this ethereal look of Deepika Padukone on one of her reception dinners. This helped make floral hairbands popular. And with the increasing popularity of floral jewellery, more and more brides are opting for this.


Double Hairband

Another popular trend is double hairband. It has a playful and casual look to it. You can fashion your own hairband with a material of your choice. Here, the hairband goes very well with both the jewellery and the lehenga of the bright and fits right into her whole look. 


One With Enamel Work

This enamel worked hairband in pastel colours and with an attached maang tikka looks absolutely gorgeous. It gives off a uber-cool vibe and pairs well with her earrings. It is nice how the bride has paired the hot pink dress with jewellery of a lighter shade. 


Mirror Worked Hairband

We cannot take our eyes off this mirror worked hairband with pearl embellishments. The entire attire is based on mirror work, and the bride has cleverly incorporated the theme into her hair accessory. Mehndi is a great event to try something fun and quirky like this. 


Diamond Hairband

If you love diamonds and you can afford this, then definitely go for it. A diamond hairband is sure to make you look like a princess. Take care to pair it with diamond and white gold or platinum jewellery. A diamond hairband will not go well with yellow gold jewellery. 

Diamond Shaped Beaded Hairband - Style #HB102 | Paloma Blanca


Mathapatti As Hairband

Mathapatti has been a part of bridal jewellery for ages and brides have given it a modern twist by choosing to wear it in the form of a hairband. It is a perfect blend of ethnic and contemporary and we must say that we love it. She has paired it off with an elaborate statement neckpiece. 



Pearl Hairband

Pearls can go well with any outfit given that they are paired in the right way. Here the broad pearl hairband is complimented by the pearl drops in the bride’s earrings. The hairband style is really different and is sure to be an eye-catcher.

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Mogra Hairband

A simple and neat way to sport a hairband is by fashioning it out of a single mogra strand.


Floral & Vine Hairband

A minimalistic, metallic hairband such as this with elegant designs will go well with a bun hairstyle. 


Hairband With A Veil

An innovative way to hold your veil in place is by a hairband. Here you need to ensure that the hairband can withstand the weight of the shawl. A vine and flower hairband such as this is an amazing idea to hold the veil in place for a white wedding.



Gemstone Studded Hairband

If you are going for minimal jewellery, then an ornate hairband encrusted with gemstones will act as a substitute. The scalloped shape of the band here is quite unusual and alluring. 

Love this hair accessory for a bride. Quite enchanting.


We hope that we have given you some great ideas. Let us know your favourites in the comments.