As a bride, the moment you are the most excited for is your entry. The moment you walk down the sale, wearing your gorgeous attire and the eyes of everyone in the room is on you. It is after all the first moment the crowd gets to see you. It is a special moment, and you are often looking for ways to dramatise it a little more. From merely walking down the aisle to a predictable song, nowadays brides have added a lot of sass and glam to their bridal entry ideas. And after thorough surfing and analysis, we bring you our favourites.

Dance You Way In

Nothing and no one looks more exciting than a dancing bride on her wedding day. So if you are looking to make a sizzling entry, then dancing is definitely the way to go. Depending on the mood you want to create you can go for a peppy Bollywood number os something a little more toned down. Also, call your friends and siblings along if you would like some company. Make sure that you practise beforehand so that you don’t goof up on the big day. 


Take Your Pets Along With You

Are you that person whose rue soulmate is her pet? And are you looking for ways to make your pet a part of your wedding? Then including them in your bride entry is ones of the sweetest yet hassle-free means to do that. Of course, make sure that they have cute outfits and are looking at their best. You can also make them carry a placard announcing your arrival. Having said that, ensure that your venue allows for pets and also that there is someone to take care of them throughout the ceremony. 

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Arrive In Class In A Vintage Car

Nothing exudes class and style like a vintage car. Also, they make for some fantastic photos for the album. Vintage cars are quite gorgeous in themselves and only need minimum decor. The only things to be considered here are your budget and the availability of the car in your city. Go for an open-top car for maximum effect. 


Glide You Way In On A Boat

If your venue is by the waterfront, then don’t even think of any other options. Amongst all the entries that we have seen, nothing can beat this in terms of regalness and extravagance. Make sure that the boat is decorated to coordinate with your outfit so that it looks stunning in photos. 

Photo of Unique bridal entry with bride entering on a boat


Phoolon Ki Chaadar

This is probably the most common bridal entry out there. It is very close to every bride’s heart as here she makes her entry accompanied by her brothers/ besties. But brides are creating coming up with quirky and trendy ways to design their chaadars. They are both fuss-free and look beautiful. First things first, the hues and shades used must compliment your lehenga. You can also replace the traditional chaadar with an umbrella. Another idea is to have a dupatta with hanging karelas or a flower blanket with hanging garlands. 

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Amongst Sparklers & Fireworks

If you are a sucker for Bollywood, then this is just the right one for you. You can go for this if it is an evening or a night function. They make for some fantastic photos and look like they have been taken straight out of a film scene.


Wow, wasn’t each idea better than the next? We know that you cannot wait to try them on your big day. But until then, save these ideas, stay safe at home and take care.