It’s not entirely a farcical argument that the onus of planning a wedding has more to do with the bride-to-be than her counterpart. That’s the whole problem for us males. We generally don’t know what to do. Among all the elation and hullabaloo that everyone looks engrossed in, we’re lost more often than not.Here is the mixed bag of emotions that we, as a newly wed husband, encounter:

Newly Wed Husband The Wedding Days Are Not Always Jovial

Yes, they are the best days of your life, but even the best isn’t flawless. Beyond a certain point, you ought to be frustrated with all that is going around. Maybe, it is just too much for comfort. After all, you are the ‘ newly wed husband ‘. Maybe, it is too good for you. And then, you will freak out, only temporarily, but you will. Overwhelming much, perhaps?

newly wed husband

It Is Over Before It Actually Is

The cliché universally implies, so why spare the wedding? It flies by and you cannot keep track. Hitherto it is really important to embrace each moment, caress every single one and carefully put it into your bag of memories. So don’t get nervous, if that happens, you’ll lose everything that the day has to offer.

newly wed husband

When You Go Back Home, It Might Just Be A Little Depressing

As depressing as it sounds, months of over-the-top planning, the ups and downs, and an extraordinary wedding weekend doesn’t tune into the frequency of a normal human life. Then, when it is all over, it is difficult to adjust. It is like an anti-climax to come back. You certainly miss the hullabaloo and the pampering, a newlywed husband and wife enjoy. Sadly, doesn’t matter much even if you’re heading for your honeymoon straight away. The feeling of upset will and it will creep in.

newly wed husband

You, as the newlywed husband, will no doubt make a million memories with your wives all throughout your life. You will have great moments at work, in your personal life, and elsewhere. But you, for sure, will not have moments better than this one. This is not only a moment of decision, it a moment of promise, passion, and potential. Basically, life begins with this moment! Newly Wed Husband

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Do Something Special For Her

This is relative. Don’t just write a letter expressing your feelings if you’ve already discovered that you have a high-maintenance partner. Go beyond the cut-off. Order her favorite food, the chocolates she absolutely loves and make it all look beautiful. The idea is to comfort her, to lay down the premise for a long and happy life. 

newly wed husband

Do Good With The Traditions

Okay, nobody is saying that all those traditions and ceremonies are relevant. We know the idiosyncrasies, but we also know that there’s no point running from them. So, try to take them positively. Participate with a good heart. Also, let’s not negate the unique charm of these concepts. It’s always good to see our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents (rarely) happy at the same time. There is no right or wrong traditions, only your traditions.

newly wed husband

Don’t Drink Too Much

Kept this for the last. Be it Indian weddings, or ceremonies abroad, or anywhere in the world, alcohol flows free at least in one of the events. But being the groom, you don’t want to keep too much of it for yourself. After all, it’s for the friends and guests who’ve come all the way to wish you well. Basically, don’t get wasted. Keep your wits by yourself; you get only one such occasion in life (hopefully) and you don’t want to have the memories ‘wasted’.

newly wed husband

Have Fun Throughout

Don’t get too conscious in the process. Damn the above points if they make you feel uncomfortable. It’s very important to feel comfortable yourself when you’re entrusted with making a young girl feel comfortable. Relax. Breath normal. Stay normal.

newly wed husband
Newly Wed Husband!