Colors add life to our clothing, our celebrations, and our whole life. Each color symbolizes a specific emotion or feeling. Hence, we use colors according to what we feel or want to showcase. Some colors due to their defined importance have been used over the years in the same way. This includes the color red in weddings. Considered as the color of good luck, red and its shades are a must-have at weddings. From the bridal outfit to decorations, red can be found a lot.

But as the wedding industry is growing and is progressing, new trends are being adopted. Every bride and groom and the family who is progressive enough to understand new styles are ready to adopt them. They want to be unique from everybody else. Also, with the constant ideas of decorations and outfits online, new color inspirations are an in-thing. Brides are moving forward to ditch the common red bridal lehenga and experiment with colors along with designs.


Although there are still many brides, even the celebrity brides who have opted for the red shade. But there has been a surge in the demand for other colors too. May it be brighter ones like yellow or the calming pastel shades like pink, olive green or blue, or even the classy white and black, the new generation is open for all. So here are some offbeat bridal lehengas that will make you ditch red.

Offbeat Color Bridal Lehengas

Green Bridal Lehenga

After red, green is an auspicious color symbolizing happiness and prosperity. Being the color of nature, it holds the representation of growth. Hence green color bridal lehengas, either dark green or other lighter shades can look beautiful and classy, mixing well with other colors.

Blue or Purple Bridal Lehenga

Blue is the color of stability. Hence it gives a positive message with a very graceful look. You can either choose dark, navy blue or the lighter shade as per your choice.


Purple is the color of royalty. So, get an elegant and royal look with beautiful purple flared lehengas.

Orange or Yellow Bridal Lehenga

Orange and yellow are also colors of happiness. The brightness helps to set a positive mood and gives a vibe that is perfect for your D-day.

Maroon Bridal Lehenga

Though it is a color closer to red, maroon color can look bold and pretty.

Black or White Bridal Lehenga

Black is a very graceful color. Though in some religions it is not considered a very lucky color, it can offset the bride, making her look classy.


White or Ivory color is yet another color that is not accepted as a wedding color in some religions. But is a very positive color, allowing a wide range of work to be done like colorful embroidery or floral prints.

Metallic Bridal Lehenga

Metallic colors with radiant work are the new trend. They make the bride shine brighter than a star.

Pastel Shades Bridal Lehenga


Pastel shades are beautiful, elegant and provide a calming effect to everyone who sees. There are several colors with a variety of work experiments like mirror work, floral work, embroidery, and color mix-matching.

Along with these, there can be different colors matched like pink with blue or black and white or anything as you like. The offbeat looks can also be achieved by choosing different styling, work, print, or material. These days Banarasi lehengas are the new trend. Along with these multi-colored lehengas, velvet lehengas, a complementing dupatta, kurta style blouse, lehengas with portraits of gods printed or embroided, etc. can also be looked for.

So, choose the perfect one from these offbeat bridal lehengas that will make you ditch red.