Painted fruit for decor

Internet, these days, is taken by rage with photos and ideas of fruits and decoration. But painted fruits are the new ‘wow,’ all the more enticing and surely a winning trend. And we did spot some really heart thawing design decors, decors to melt for at the first sight. So let’s stoop down and discover the most happening fruit paint designs this season. Painted fruits decor idea

Let’s first discuss what the trend is all about?

The trend is to dip fruits in diverse tints and turn them into eye-catching masterpieces. And lo behold! You can do it all on your own.

Fruits can be painted to hit the bull’s eye and earn the envy of all your audience. Pears and pineapples are the main game changers.

Painted fruits decor idea

Pears, as you can figure out from above, are the most sought after for primarily two reasons- one, they come with an interesting shape and that when complemented with bright colors or matte finish, looks endearing and enchanting. Two, they promise longevity. Plus you can get as much creative as you can!

Painted fruits for decor

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Pineapples look just great as well! Because they are so unique! Likewise, other alternatives for painted fruits include enticing grapes, sparkling oranges, and cool lemons. Well, you could consider bananas too!

Painted fruits for decor

Painted fruits for decor

Ideas for decoration?

Painted or not! Fruits make up the best and most vintage item of décor. Paint just sums up for the charisma it drags along. Try a hand in using them as suburban pieces of décor, or on the table- pieces, or pageants that gracefully adorn the corners.

Painted fruits for decor

Painted fruits for decor

More so, you could give it any spin of idea and it wouldn’t leave you disappointed, never!

Well here are some insanely creative ideas out from our basket!

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Play With Colors:

Metallic or pastel, bright or monotones. Whenever used. the painted fruits look dead beautiful, and breathtaking. You could easily use them as centerpieces, or as mere props, whatever suits your purpose best.

Painted fruits for decor

Sport Some Sparkle:

Yes! When dipped in sparkle or sparkling hues, they come out as flashy, flamboyant and ostentatious pieces of décor.

Painted fruits for decor

Go in Theme Color:

Yes! You could take a step ahead and make them a part of your wedding color theme.

Painted fruits for decor

The Gemstone Sparkle:

Indian weddings, in particular, tend to be spectacularly ostentatious. So you can even bejewel fruits with nuggets and pearls and trinkets to suit the Indian aura of splendidness.

Painted fruits for decor

And the FairyTale:

Okay, so this one is exclusive for WedAmor audience and also my favorite, of all the ideas. To add magic and sparkle and that fairy tale feel to your wedding, recreate the fizz in the atmosphere by dipping your fruits in the transparent paint followed by a dip in sugar crystals. We promise you an ethereal feel!

Painted fruits for decor

If you were looking for some really new concepts for wedding decoration, we hope we have given you enough food for thought. Do drop your comments, whether you liked the idea or not, or if you have some other fresh idea pertaining to painted fruits that can be used for decor. Keep visiting WedAmor and drop in love.



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