It is a very big decision to finally tie the knot with your partner. Along with being a very big day for which you have had dreams since forever, it is the start of a new phase. This makes it even more special, making you look out for it. A perfect wedding needs a lot of homework behind it.

From working for managing all the venues, guests, catering, shopping, you need to enjoy and live the best moments of your life. It is a one-time opportunity for you to live all your fairy tale dreams, in the way you had always wished for.


As weddings get stylish like everything else, there are major transformations happening in every wedding season. From wedding fashion to wedding decor, all have become the epitome of your personality, your likes, and dislikes. Thus, there are special themes followed for invitation cards, decor, outfits, and gifts. A very important part of the ceremony is collecting memories through photos. The bride and the groom are captured in every angle and style to help get the best photos for the wedding album. Special photo booths or points are decorated and made to get the photo shoot done.

Nowadays photographers also want to get pictures that not only capture memories but also have some element of fun. For these special props can be used by the bride and groom along with all close friends and relatives to get peppy pictures. Having an insight about a few peppy wedding photo booth props to spruce up your D-Day album can be really helpful.

Peppy Wedding Photo Booth Props

Placards and Emojis


These are the new-age trends for adding a contemporary feel in your wedding. Handmade placards with sayings like “Crazy Dulhan” or ones related to love or funny ones for all the family members like “Best Saas” among others in your local language, add the extra fun in photos. Using such placards or the ones with emoticons including smilies, illustrations of glasses, mustaches can also be an interesting addition to your photo-shoot.


Along with placards, a few photos might also look intriguing with party masks like the ones with feathers and glitters. Along with your traditional outfit, it can give a perfect quirky look at the photobooth.

Get Set Go

Brides with their bridesmaids or the groom can be ready to set on the new journey with decorated scooters, bicycles, auto-rickshaws as props at the Photoshoot. They represent the start of a new phase and add a rural touch.



Along with these props, shades are a favorite of all brides, to get style-struck pictures with her groom, family, and friends.


Beautifully handcrafted and decorated frames can add an unmatched elegance at the photo booth.

Get Up the Tradition

To set the traditional aroma, pick items like terracotta pots, decorated umbrellas with Rajasthani, and Gujarati work. Furthermore, flowers and other items of traditional attire can also look very interesting.

Live the Moment

Live your golden moments with a shower of flowers and confetti from the top. This shower can help to give the perfect fairytale effects in capturing the photos.

Sitting Arrangement


Set a special sitting arrangement in front of the backdrop with decorated chairs or sofas as per your theme. Moreover, these pictures can be taken with a better view of the aesthetically pleasing backdrop, capturing your wonderful outfits in the sitting posture.

With extra add on props and photo effects, having beautifully laid backdrops with flowers, frames, and decorative items like cages, shiny balls, lamps, kites, kettles, and others can help to bring exclusivity in the photos. Use these peppy wedding photo booth props to spruce up your D-Day album, adding colors and light to give life to pictures and present your memories to the world.