By runaway wedding , we did mean along with your family. Also known as Destination wedding, this concept has been the dream of quite a many couples. So here are we to help you understand Destination Wedding.

Destination marriages have become popular in recent years, and it is estimated that about 15% of all weddings are now destination weddings. A destination wedding is typically an event where the bride and groom plan an away from home marriage, inviting their closest family members and friends to an ideal location and make the event a semi-vacation. Many resorts offer destination marriage packages and on-site marriage planners who can help couples create the marriage of their dream.

Here are some famous and exotic locations in India demystified for destination marriage.

Jaipur- One amongst royalty

Jaipur, also known as the “Pink City”, this city is perfect for couples who want extravagant wedding in old Palaces and Forts. Offering a rich culture and heritage, Jaipur has been the choice of many Celebrities for an exotic Marriage


Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Glorious Beaches

The soothing and pleasing climate of these islands is excellent for your romantic getaway. The coconut palms along the seashore of these islands add zing to your ceremony voyage. The Ross or the Havelock Islands are the perfect venues to tie the knot. A marriage on these islands is more than just a destination wedding, it’s a gateway to one of the most memorable time of your life.


Rishikesh- Tying the knot in holy adobe

A religious town, a magical place is surely one of the best places to wed, located amongst picturesque mountains, a mystifying Ganga only adds to the place gravitating effect. You can either get married on one of the banks, or in a resort overlooking the ganges.


Jaisalmer – Sand, Palaces and Love

Do you want a royal wedding with Indian culture and tradition? You may choose Suryagarh Palace in Jaisalmer that organizes ultimate wedding for couples to make it romantic and unforgettable one. Huge courtyards bordered by fort walls, candle-lit cobbled paths, glittering mandaps and Rajasthani folk music, you’ll find everything at this place which is nothing lesser than the royalty.


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Hyderabad – Nizams, Pearls and Wedlocks

 Hyderabad is the city of nizams & pearls. It’s a striking place to organize wedding as there are some famous palaces like Taj Falaknuma Palace and Chowmallah Palace, The city of Pearls, etc., which can make your dream marriage destination a real and the romantic one.[caption id=”attachment_10404″ align=”aligncenter” width=”550″]

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And that were some of our choices. If you think we’ve missed something, please comment below.



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    Please leave us a message at our facebook page and we will help you select the best destination for a perfect wedding.

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