Personalise Groom Wedding Outfit

While men have fewer options than women when it comes to clothes but men are beyond doubt more playful and experimental than women. So, why to stay back on your wedding day? Personalising the outfit does not only look chic but becomes memorable for all. An ordinary outfit will stand out for some time but personalising your outfit will never let people forget it. So, we are here to tell the grooms some of the ways to personalise their outfit on their Wedding Day.

Here Are the Ways Grooms Can Personalise Their Wedding Outfits

We are here to help the daring grooms personalise their wedding outfit by telling some of the ways to do it without making it look over the top.

Personalise Groom Wedding Outfit


Shoes are a great option if the groom wants to personalise his wedding outfit. He may choose anything ranging from sunsign to his and the wife-to-be’s name initials. This looks so cute.

personalise groom wedding outfit


Be it Evening Jacket or Sherwani, the groom can personalise the wedding outfits too. It can have your favorite quote, favorite song or any special memory.

Not everyone has the guts to do this as they might think it will look funny. But honestly, this is what makes the groom the prince charming.

personalise groom wedding outfits

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Pocket Square

This is the safest side for the groom. It will personalise his outfit without being too much visible. Another benefit is that the groom can use the pocket square later as well by changing the side of the pocket square. Easy!

personalise groom wedding outfit

Lapel Pins

The groom can personalise the lapel pin too.¬† It can be the name of your soulmate, the date of your wedding, the initial of your and your soulmates’ name.

It looks stunning and is the best way to make the bride and others feel that you value this special day.

personalise groom wedding outfit

 Cuff Links

Personalising the cufflinks is another option for the grooms who like to do things in the budget. the groom can simply get the cufflinks engraved without spending bucks.

It will undoubtedly look chic and flattering.

Personalise groom wedding outfit

Personalised Badge

If you are a groom who is a bit hesitant to personalise his shoes or blazer, try this one out! It is a super easy way to personalise your outfit without compromising on the style quotient.

personalise groom wedding outfits


Personalising the socks will remain with the groom forever and will make you remember your special day everytime you will wear it. You can get it personalised with some funny quote, wedding hashtag, song lyrics or anything like that.

Believe me, you will look dapper and stylish.

personalise groom wedding outfits

You are not going to get married everyday, right? So, why to wear something that you wear everyday. Make the day special, not by just saying that it is special but by doing something that makes you and your ladylove feel special. Live this day like you have never lived before. Do the unusual, break all the norms. Personalise your wedding outfit and you are going to inspire many grooms in future.

If you found the article helpful, give your suggestions in the comment section below and let us know how will you personalise groom wedding outfit.