Photo booths add to the joyous moments of your wedding ceremonies, specially at the pre-wedding rituals, but with time the couples have started to have a thought about whether the photo booths are now too mainstream or the trend has settled. Here we bring to you the reasons that why the ‘Trend of Photo booths continue’.


Having something apart from the dance floor and dhol is the best way to make sure that your guests have fun. It serves as an area to socialize. There is always a queue ahead of the photo booth.

Not Cliché

Well, this concept has been there for years and still gets the limelight, when it comes to making your parties stand out. Whether it be your bridesmaid or your aunts everyone wants there gang to have good pictures clicked.

The Trend of the Social Media

With the Social Media platforms covering every wedding, it is your duty to make sure that your guests do get photos worth uploading, just going for a good photographer won’t do. You need to have a proper background where good photos can be clicked, photobooths do fulfil the same requirement.

Every Photo booth is different

Every photobooth is different it depends on the theme that you choose, so don’t go with the theme that you saw at your friend’s wedding. Try to capture the theme that goes well with your decoration or the one with which you can connect with. For example if you are getting married to someone who’s been there since your college days, a college background theme would do the best or the theme of the place where both of you went for the first trip.

Representing your culture with the photo booths can also be done whether it be Gujrati, Punjabi, Marathi. Make sure that your guests do get an idea about your culture as well.

Add to it

Get your brain cells running and think what can you add to it, props can be added and they do go well. We have seen Rikshaws, Classic Cars, Themed Dresses along with the photo booths and they do go very well. If we talk about the props – Pagdis, Tiara, Posters, Shoutouts have been common in the past and they do go fine today as well.


There was a time when we did not have the access to the smartphones and selfie was out of question. Getting clicked back then and above that getting that photo in hand was a real struggle. It is time that we remember that time as well and get a good or a weird photo with our friends in our favourite theme and background.

Makes Your Photo Album Memorable

When your wedding ceremonies get over the first thing that we are excited about is our photo album. Having the same cliché photos in your album would not be entertaining for you when you would look at it. Having those funny and happy faces at the photo booth would definitely do.


Hope we have given you enough reasons to go for a Photo Booth at your wedding. So go ahead and book one…

Love From Wedamor.


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photo credits – Abhi Sakshi Photography.