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Wedding Velvet

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Photography is their passion, work, and worship. Wedding Velvet, find beauty in imperfections, in life’s little moments and at unexplored places. The way they perceive things is quite different and unique. They, being the best photographer in Jaipur build characters, weave stories and unfold a wedding tale that amuses not only the audience but also the main characters.

Wedding photography is their favorite genre of photography. From fancy decorations that are flaunted lavishly to the carefully blanketed emotions within hearts, their camera lenses roll out in every direction to capture every minute detail. They truly understand the significance of wedding in one’s life, wherein two souls find infinity in each other, two hearts find their eternal love, two sets of different people also unite to form an enduring bond. Wedding Velvet, a well-known photographer in Jaipur takes pride in its team of self-taught experts who’ve learned and mastered their photography skills over a reasonable period of time.

Additional Info
  • Years in Business:  5 years
  • Business days & hours: --
  • Other Services Offered: Drone Photography & Videography, Professional and Expensive Camera Shoots, Professional Photo and Video Editing, PreWedding Shoots, Candid Photography, Traditional Photography, Cinematic Videography, Traditional Videography, Photo Albums


  • Types of functions covered: Wedding, Reception
  • Payment Method: Net Banking, Cheque, Cash
  • Cancellation Policy: Non refundable and non adjustable
  • Payment Terms: Partial payment in advance.

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Basic Info

Price Range: Starting from 75,000
Service Delivery: —
Travel & Accommodation: Paid by client
Services: PreWedding Shoots, Candid Photography, Traditional Photography,Traditional Videography, Photo Albums

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