Are you someone who has a curiosity to get some tips before getting the bridal makeup done? Look no further, as here we have put some amazing yet important bridal makeup do’s and dont’s to give you that flawless look on you big day.

Do’s for bridal makeup:


A nice and justified skincare routine is very important at least 2-3 months before the big day. This will ensure that your skin looks prepped and ready for the wedding day.

Trial bridal makeup

We all play a big card on the wedding day when it comes to makeup! Get yourself a trial makeup on any upcoming event by your makeup artist before the wedding. This will ensure how clean and safe the artist’s hand is for your makeup.

Ask for products

You should always ask for the products that the cosmetic artist is going to use for the big day. Make sure the products are your skin friendly.

Serum for glow

Try using some serums and facial oils 2-3 months before the wedding day. The bridal makeup will have the highlighter but the serums will give you the bridal glow that every bride looks for.

Similar Color Tee

Wear a dress of similar color dress while getting the makeup trial. This will let you see how your bridal makeup looks against it. Playing with colours is good but not for your makeup.

Focus your eyes for bridal makeup

Choosing a right tone to compliment your eye color. Always makeup sure the stand-out feature is your eyes and not the makeup.

Search for references

Search for the reference pictures for your makeup artist to make it easy. Only you can tell the artist the right makeup look that you  are looking for. Crawl for more and more images!

Products in bag

Make sure bridesmaid carry your matching lipstick, concealer and some touch up stuff. There might be a difference of hours of bridal makeup and your entry in the wedding venue. You must look flawless all time as you are lady of the hour.


Dont’s for bridal makeup

Fluorescent lighting

Don’t let your trial makeup done in fluorescent lighting. It might cover up some flaws that are visible in day lighting. A flawless base in day light will definitely glow in fluorescent lighting too. If you are getting trial at your home then make sure there is enough day light.

Don’t wear sunscreen

Some makeup artists apply sunscreen before the primer. The SPF in sunscreen will bounce back the flash of the photographer. This will make you flushed out in the pictures.

Be scared playing with brights

Neutral, pastel colors might give you a washed out look in the pictures. Choose some brightness over it. A bright colored lipstick or popping eyes will give you gorgeous bridal makeup. Go bright and spread sparkle with your makeup. After all it is your wedding day and you’re the lady of the hour.

Just apply cosmetics to your face

Don’t apply makeup only on your face and leaving the neck and back baseless. Some makeup artist do this mistake. Cover the neck area with the foundation similar to your facial tint. This will provide you a natural makeup look avoiding all the fakeness.

Apply normal makeup

Choose a waterproof mascara for the big day. Being a bride, you have to say good bye to your family. Crying a little is obvious but take care of your bridal makeup ladies. Choose waterproof makeup products for long lasting makeup for all the ceremonies.

Go too dark on your eyes for bridal makeup

Define your eyes by applying color in the crease, but avoid using a color that is too dense, as it can detract from the eyes themselves.

Go too glossy or too matte for bridal makeup

A flawless makeup consists of a combination of gloss and matte. It’s the makeup artist’s art to make a balance between the two. Going too glossy or too matte can spoil the look. A balanced makeup looks gorgeous when it comes to the bridal makeup.

Hurry up brides! You need to start preparations from this instance only. Prepare a note list and remember these pins for a gorgeous bridal makeup. Also, the most important factor is carrying your pretty smile all the time!