Place of Origin

Place of Origin

Snacking should be as mandatory as breakfast. It is important to choose snacks wisely as we are sure you don’t want to play with your health. We all love great food. Don’t we? But getting great food requires great effort. One may have to go through a number of obstacles such as finding healthy food options in remote places, or cities we don’t frequently travel to, strict timings, traffic, impossible parking, stockouts, inadequate baggage allowance, standing in queues, etc. So, here comes the “Place Of Origin” to solve the problem.

In order to help people get their favourite yet healthy foods options easily right at their doorstep, Place of Origin came into existence. It is a Craftsvilla entity and is India’s largest regional food marketplace hosting 350+ unique local food brands with 4000+ speciality foods.

It is an online portal where one can easily find Indian sweets, chocolates, cakes, Namkeen, biscuits, pickles, masalas, grains, staples etc. It has a great selection of healthy snacks which are made with local ingredients.

It is the best platform to discover local foods from across India because of the personal memories associated with them and because those memories are still delightful. At Place of Origin, even a single bite can trigger a symphony of all your senses, thanks to that delicious original taste.

The objective of this outlet is to get us easier access to these legendary foods as they understand the joy that Indian food can bring to our busy lives.

Place of Origin

According to Ashish Nichani, founder of Place Of Origin, “Whenever we travel, we buy specific foods from specific places to bring home for our family, friends and colleagues, Every time I travelled, people asked me to bring them chips, Kakra and pickles from all over the country”.

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Ashish and one of his colleagues, Sudarsan Metla got an idea to make a business out of it when a friend of his was conducting a wedding in Mumbai. He wanted this particular sweet called Dhamaka which is made with rose petals, raisins and pistachios from Evergreen in Delhi. He wanted to give them out with the wedding invitations. That’s what convinced them that people want special food, and they’re willing to pay for it.

Feel free to discover your favourite food at Place of Origin.