A full-length special honeymoon quickly following the wedding is never again doable because of restricted time and additionally cash. Enter the minimoon- Weekend Honeymoon! A long end of the week escape is the ideal trade off and no less charming. Far and away superior, these stays, which are either comprehensive or give nearby choices, evacuate the exertion of arranging, so love birds can just delight in post-wedding decompression.

A short minimoon is something that every couple can opt for. Leading a busy life or having no plans for the upcoming long weekend, you can always plan for one sparkling moment.

Here is a list of hidden gems near the cities that are full with busy schedules.

1. Bandipur

weekend honeymoon ideas

Bandipur is known for its national park, yet does it have everything necessary to be in this rundown of best little moon goals? Indeed! Genuine sentiment is found in thick wild of Bandipur and the lavish remains appropriate for a loose Minimoon close Bangalore. Visit Biligirirangan Hills on your favorite rental bike. Imagine those lovely sceneries with your mate. Enough romantic, right? Get your pair blesses at Malai Mahadeshwara Temple.

2. Gokarna

Gokarna is much similar to Goa yet with lesser group and no jazz. The town is a holy goal for the adherents of Master Shiva, yet it has off late developed as one of best scaled down moon goals from Bangalore. Walking around the rough shorelines of this curious little town to take in the freshness of its laid back life is among the best activities in Gokarna, Karnataka!  One needs to propel themselves only a tad for that bit of heaven toward the finish of the trek and to have the option to absorb the brilliant perspectives.

weekend honeymoon ideas

Post dinner embarks on a revitalizing night stroll along the Nirvana beach under a star-studded sky, and enjoy a bonfire on the cool sand for a breathtaking sight of glistening phytoplanktons. This is a once in a lifetime experience that ranks highly on the list of top things to do in Gokarna.

3. Landour

Landour is one of best minimoon destinations near Delhi. It is located near the cantonment area of the bustling town of Mussoorie. Explore Landour on a bicycle, enjoying the beautiful scenery enroute. Savour the flavors in Char Dukan area. If you are looking for a sound and romantic minimoon then Landour is your place. Make sure you take window seats while travelling by the city bus as the views you will get is beyond capturing.

weekend honeymoon ideas

You can continue forever strolling along the twisting streets here. Landour has different climbing trails, in case you’re into hard core trekking, ensure you stop by the neighborhood market to get trekking apparatus like tents and gum boots. You can go to Lal Tibba, Jabarkhet Nature Hold, and drive up a bit and after that go trekking to Bother Tibba.

4. Kashid

The way that Kashid is grand, and least packed make it one among the best little moon goals close Mumbai. It reclassifies shoreline escape for Mumbai tenants with miles of completely clear coastline. Take a romantic stroll on the beach. Kashid is a complete getaway in every sense but the key reason for its immense popularity is that sits right between Mumbai and Pune.

weekend honeymoon ideas

Here’s what all you can expect to do at the beach:

  • Laze around on the beach hammocks
  • Go horse-riding
  • Go swimming in the sea
  • Try adventure sports such as , parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling and banana boat rides
  • Pitch your tent and spend the night campingstargazing by the bonfire.

Enjoy the bonfire after the dinner, with your partner. Have lovely wave touch on your feet while walking down the beach.

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