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To plan the most important day of a couple’s life is definitely not an easy task. The popularity of overseas weddings won’t make them any easier to plan, rather just the opposite. A destination wedding is an even more overwhelming task since most of the organisations and arrangements are being done from afar. Such weddings are more romantic and give exotic, unforgettable memories. Due to these being planned from miles away, they require a little extra attention. Before flying away to a foreign location to tie the knot, there are a number of steps that you need to check off the list. So, here are some tips that you can keep in mind while you plan your destination wedding, regardless of which corner of the world you and your beau decide to celebrate your day.

Plan Destination Wedding

Plan Destination Wedding keeping this checklist in mind –

Selection of location

plan destination wedding

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Choose a meaningful location, somewhere you and your partner can connect to. It can be beaches that remind you of your childhood, or a palace if you wish for a royal wedding.

Decide on Ceremony

plan destination wedding

Plan out your ceremony before going ahead with any other arrangements. Be specific if you want a small, cosy programme with just the close ones, or a big fat Indian wedding.

Consider Exchange Rate

If you’re planning a wedding outside India, keep in mind the exchange rate of the location to prepare a budget for the wedding.

Pick Your Vendors

plan destination wedding

On the basis of the size of your wedding, pick the appropriate vendors for all the arrangements. Look for the vendors providing with the perfect decorations, catering, or photography among many. Either hire vendors from your locale who are willing to travel, or find the appropriate ones from the location you’re headed to.

Visit in Advance

plan destination wedding

Either visit the location once before the wedding, or arrive five days prior to ensure the arrangements and execution of planning. Arrange for accommodations nearly the location so it is easier to reach.

Send invites early

plan destination wedding

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Let your guests know about your wedding well in advance. This not only creates excitement for it, but also gives them a head start to prepare their visa, passports and make themselves available for the dates.

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Learn the Local Laws

plan destination wedding

Know everything that is applicable in the city you plan to go to. Let your guests know so they are also aware of what to expect and what all they need to follow in a foreign city. This thoughtfulness and attention to detail is essential.

So, we hope you liked the ultimate checklist to plan destination wedding. Get hitched in style!