Newly engaged couples have lots of wedding planning to do. Since the day you’ve dreamed about will soon be upon you, it is time you must plan it with perfection, so that it becomes the most memorable day of your life. But for that, you have to first get over with the excitement of getting engaged!

When it comes to a wedding, everyone has different aspirations and dreams. While some people like to keep it subtle and intimate, some want to turn it into a grand affair. But small intimate weddings have their own charm. Also, the smaller and intimate wedding seems more personal, which is one of the reasons it is becoming more common among couples.

Easy Intimate Wedding Tips

So if you are someone who is looking forward to planning their intimate wedding, here we have some intimate wedding tips and tricks for your special day.

Set the Budget

This is the first and the foremost factor that you must keep in mind before you start planning your nuptials. Setting a budget for your wedding will not just help you do the preparation in the right manner but will also help you decide exactly what you want on your wedding? It allows you to eliminate all the unnecessary elements that you might not need on the big day. Another benefit of setting the budget is that it makes you pick things that are important and can contribute to making your wedding joyful for both you and your guests.

Cut Short the Guest List

It is undoubtedly one of the most challenging things to do, especially when it comes to your wedding. To host a small intimate wedding, it is really important that you only invite people you really want around you on the big day. You have to restrain yourself and keep the guests list limited to 200-250 people. Remember the smaller, the better. And, if you are a social butterfly, it is going to be a tough task.

Pre-decide Things

When you come across so many options and themes to choose for your wedding, you often go overwhelmed. So, it is better you plan things in advance and decide what kind of theme or wedding décor you need for the wedding. Also, pick the colors, styles, décor, outfits for each event in advance. This will not just help you get the desired results but will also make you stay within your set budget.

Take the Help of Friends & Family

There is no meaning of having a small intimate wedding if you don’t get time to spend with your near and dear ones. Intimate weddings are all about spending some fun and gala time with your friends and family. And, there is no better way to do that than involving them in your wedding preparation. Ask them for suggestions, references for vendors, as well as their experiences to avoid any possibility of mistakes. But make sure you ask for the opinions from those with same style preference and taste as yours.

Go for DIY Things

Another wonderful way to add a personal touch to your wedding, DIY things can benefit you in many ways. Be it the décor or the wedding gifts, there are lots of things that you can do yourself. But do not stress yourself much and go overboard with DIY-ing everything yourself.

Pre-wedding Events are Fun

We cannot imagine a wedding without pre-wedding events. These events are fun and also provide us with the opportunity to know each other families well. So why not plan a welcome lunch or a post-wedding dinner to enjoy a fun time with your closed ones. Since the wedding is one such event that keeps us engaged in the rituals, organizing the pre-wedding or post-wedding event will be a great idea to allow families to spend quality time together.

Add a Personal Touch

Why not let your wedding speak for you? If you are planning an intimate wedding, you must add a personal touch to it and find an appropriate way to interact with your guests. From personalize wedding invitation to placing personal notes for your guests on the table, there are uncountable ways to do it. This small gesture will surely make you won hearts and will turn your wedding into a cherishable affair for your guests as well.

Play Fun Games

It is another great idea to enjoy fun and frolic time with your guests. All you need to do is to think of some interesting interactive games to play. Be it your friends or family, they will surely have the best time attending your wedding.

Having a small intimate wedding allows couple to exchange ideas before they exchange vows. So do not let go of this amazing chance and start planning your wedding with your bae now.

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