Selecting a wedding theme can take your traditional nuptials from typical to terrific with just a little extra planning. Settling on wedding themes can be one of the more difficult tasks when planning a wedding. But it may just be the most critical since all other decisions are backed up by this decision. Once you’ve made your selection, everything else seems to just fall in place.

Your venue, floral arrangements, bridesmaids dresses, and everything else will feel natural and easy. These are six tips that you need to know before planning a theme based wedding.


First thing on your list should be finding a venue matching to a certain theme that you have in your mind. The setting of the place should go with the kind of celebration that you are organising. Do your best to try and work the venue into the theme. For example a destination wedding at the beach will naturally have a beach theme to it but you can also make it unique by picking a marine color theme to it. For indoor weddings, it becomes easy to incorporate any themes. If you have already decided the theme then try to find a venue that matches the theme and vibe of your function.



Off course once the venue is decided according to the theme, the next task is to ensure that the decor of the place should match your theme. For the same beach wedding, you could have beach wedding table decor with some pretty sea life added to it like corals and starfishes. You could include some quiry beach signages for the venue. Decide the color of the decor that matches with the theme. For example: A princess, fairytale wedding will have pastel colors ranging from pinks, peaches, lavender and lilac to white, which will be applied throughout the decor of the wedding. Photo booths are a good way of decorating the venue and if they are made according to the theme then voila!


Outfit And Accessories

When you pick a theme, it is not compulsory that the bride and groom should always follow it. After all they should be unique and different. They should wear something that makes them feel happy about and not cribbing for not getting outfits according to the theme. And if you go with the theme then well and good. Given a beach wedding, brides could add a vintage theme in it by wearing her mom’s wedding dress. Grooms could use seashells or starfish shaped boutonniere to match the theme. Also, brides could accessories with tiaras and floral hair decor for this theme.


Inform The Guests

One of the best things about a themed wedding is that you can see the theme being cohesively applied, not only by the décor but in the clothes that your guests will wear. You have to inform them about the dress code that you have in mind when you’re sending out wedding invites. Always make sure that you give them enough time to pick out their outfits that will go well with the chosen theme. After all you don’t want to spoil your theme based wedding that took so much time and efforts to plan. 

Food And Drinks

A successful theme based wedding is achieved when you incorporate the theme within your menu. Make sure that from the starters to the desserts, you have picked items that highlight the theme completely. The menu you have makes a huge impression on the theme. Going ahead with the same beach theme wedding, including seafood is the best option like butter garlic prawns, grilled fish, salmon and much more. For drinks, you could serve margaritas, gin and tonic, pina colada. Chocolate sand beaches with hidden toffee and chocolate shells can be an unique dessert option. A theme is always more fun when it is accompanied with such details.




Wedding Invites And Favors

Lastly, make sure your wedding invites and favors for guests have theme incorporated in it to make the wedding memorable for all. You could use some pretty beach theme based invites in the shape of seashells to add some fun and drama. For favors, in a beach theme wedding, built a cute little fishing area where guests get to fish for their wedding favors from a pool filled with gifts and candies. 

Keep these tips in mind when you are planning a theme-based wedding and you won’t be stuck with and problem and would be able to pull off one hell of a celebration for your big day.