Many brides aspire to wear their favorite designer bridal lehenga. Also, the idea of putting a huge amount of money could affect their wedding budget. So, move to Replica mode. If you’re looking to have a designer replica lehenga made either here or anywhere in the country, you’ll need to make sure you consider the following points. 

1. Choose A Common Wedding Lehenga Color


Red, blue, green, and pink is common colors available in all stores. With these colors, you might only have a heavier looking lehenga in the same budget as a lighter lehenga in a popular color. The minute you are looking for different colors like bling powder silver, pastels, etc the choices are limited. Hence the cost for such trendy colors is very high. 

2. Communicate Regularly

Like original designer stores, you need to devote more attention to replica shops of designer ones. Don’t just let things go. You have to call them regularly and ask them to focus on your outfit. Weddings typically have seasons when stores work overtime, often taking in lots of orders more than they can manage. You ought to be sure that your dress is designed as per your requirements. Try to ask for photos so your outfit is reviewed. 

3. Do Not Give Your Final Budget In The First Place


Typically replica shops would try and increase your budget by as many as 30 percent by offering you quality embroideries, laces, materials, fabrics, etc. and trick you into investing more. Try to tell them less than the full budget by 15-20 percent. Suppose you are taking 60k. Please don’t blurt out  60k at the very first meeting.

4. Shift To Written Conversations And Do Less Of Verbal Talk

Write it down in the points that you like in your lehenga. Usually, replica stores are going to engage with you via WhatsApp. Though WhatsApp is easy, it is not the most professional platform. Messages might get discarded, or forgotten in the garbage pile that we all type. So as a general rule, please email them your conversation. Emails have dates, time which is a helpful method to record several conversations. Written material is needed as they could be working with hundreds of clients in replica shops.

5. Get Your Measurements Right



Go on a video call with the contact person of the replica shop. Do your measurements with the help of the store to guide you. You can even record the screen to doubly ensure everything is in place. Know, the more steps you take, the safer it is. If at your convenient time the contact individual is inaccessible, ask them to send out the body map. Most of these replica stores will be in a position to give you a body map to ease the procedure.

6. You Should Know The Material Of Your Designer Replica Lehenga


Don’t be unclear about this. Go into as much detail as you can. Depending on the budget you’ve negotiated with the store, they can tell you what is possible with your budget, but don’t fall into their trap. They will try to convince you to go for a more costly cloth or work which would increase your budget. Therefore, in your initial conversation with the replica shop, one smart suggestion will be to have various price points.

7. You Should Know The Percentage Of Machine Work Vs. Hand Work


The one thing that makes the bridal lehenga more costly is handwork. The more work completed by hand, the bigger the budget. If you go for an all-machine job, the budget will fall down drastically. Work on machines is cheaper, faster, and less labor-intensive. On the other hand, handwork requires energy, goes through multiple hands, and is thus more labor-intensive. Therefore, costly.