When it comes to jewellery, bangles often do not get the same attention as your necklace or earrings. They are usually chosen at the end, and you don’t get to spend enough time on them. So, to make it easier for you, we thought we would collate popular bangle ideas from across the web. Something to note is that bangles are usually the easiest to reuse and restyle. So, make the right choice, and you can enjoy them for a long time. 

Wedding Bangle Designs - 20 Traditional Models for Modern Brides


Multicoloured Meenakari Bangles

Meenakari bangles are very popular nowadays because they are available in several unusual shades and designs. They are a popular choice for Haldi and Mehndi events. Depending upon the size of the bangles, you can pair them with either thin bangles or large kadas.

These multicoloured bangles are embellished with pearl and polki details. 

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If gold is the primary base of your jewellery, then you can choose something like this. It is nice how bangles of varying sizes have been arranged together to create a symmetric look. 

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Fun Glass Bangles

Green glass bangles have a part of the bride’s Shringar traditionally, but otherwise, glass bangles are often not considered as a bridal jewellery option. Well, don’t you make that mistake. They are vibrant, colourful and look beautiful as fillers in between larger bangles like Kada and Kangan. They also make a delightful clinking sound as you move your arms about. 

Latest Bangle designs for the 2019 Bride - Witty Vows


With Large Studded Stones

Bangles with large, studded stones such as these are trending this wedding season, especially square-shaped stones such as the ones shown below. With bangles of this size, 5-6 bangles will usually suffice. They are also an excellent option for the bridesmaids and the sister-of-the-bride. 


Gokhru Bangles

They are oversized bangles, a part of traditional Rajasthani jewellery and have a 3-d design in intricate filigree work around the circumference. They are usually worn as a single piece or as border bangles. 

“We are crushing over Vidushi's Pacheli Bangles (Rajasthani flat bangles also known as Gokhru with intricate meenakari and jaali work) stacked with gold…”


Thread Bangles

Thread bangles, especially silk thread bangles, are a great option for the Mehndi ceremony. They look dainty and are also easy on the purse. You can customise them to the exact shade that you want or better yet, craft your bangles. You can wear a single colour or play around with them. They also make for great return favours for the girls. 

Silk Thread Bangles


These thread bangles with coin work and ghunghroo embellishments look quite ravishing. 

Silk Thread BanglesSource

Something Trendy

A lot of modern brides are ditching the conventional bangle designs for something trendy and western such as this. 

Statement Cuffs And Bracelets


Kundan & Polki Bangles

Kundan bangles are crafted from uncut diamonds and semi-precious stones, and these together give you a raw, antique charm. You can combine them with a Polki set to achieve a traditional look. On the other hand, you can go for chunky Polki bangles alone and avoid everything else. 

Polki And Kundan Bangle


Dull Gold Bangles

Well, new trends may come and go, but gold bangles will stay on forever. You can opt for thin bangles or intricately worked kadas with designs cut to perfection. These kadas with floral and 3-D details are a modern take on the traditional designs. 

Haath Phools

Haath phools are not anything new, but designs such as these definitely are!

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla


3-D Bangles Design

If you are looking for an ornate design, then 3-D designs are the way to go. Just ensure that the design doesn’t have too many sharp edges, otherwise, it may get tangled with your outfit, and we don’t want that. 

3D Bangle Designs


Aren’t you swooning over these gorgeous bangle designs? Let us know your favourites in the comments.