Times are changing and people are adapting to it. More and more people are coming forward to make these changes fruitful. From the way of education to fashion preferences to career choices to lifestyle, everything is changing. The same is the case with weddings; there have been many considerable changes over the years, to make things more fun as well as convenient for people. One such considerable change is the popularity of destination weddings.


Nowadays, most people live in nuclear families in cities, with very less knowledge about their traditions and culture. When their children are getting married, it becomes difficult for them to carry out every traditional ceremony due to a lack of knowledge and time. Nobody has the time to give a week for weddings and they look for fun with convenience. If both the families stay together for 2-3 days, performing all functions, it becomes easier to manage and plan. Thus, destination weddings are in trend.

Growth of Destination Wedding Trend

Most people want to make their wedding unique and different. They have dreams that they want to fulfill and make all their ceremonies memorable. Destination weddings are the right way to have a lavish and out-of-the-world ceremony, leaving everyone mesmerized.

Advantages of Destination Weddings

  • A destination wedding allows the whole family to just focus on the wedding.
  • Gives a chance to leave all the other things and just enjoy and have fun.
  • They are a perfect chance for both the families to get along in a better way.
  • It gives an ability to choose sights that are unique, beautiful, and away from the hustle-bustle of daily life.
  • After the wedding, you can easily return to your house, with no worries to settle things there.
  • Gathering all the relatives together is much more fun and exciting.
  • When both the families are together, everything can be done with mutual agreement.

Popular Destinations for Weddings in India

Many Indian and International destinations have grown popular over time. Many of them are the favorites of celebrities as well as common people. Destination weddings demand more money but once everything is settled, it is much more convenient too. Some Indian Destinations that are loved due to the popularity of destination weddings are:



Jaipur provides the perfect combo of tradition with elegance. Hence, it is an amazing place to have a royal wedding in beautiful heritage palaces, vibrant and festive in every way. A few of them are Raj and Rambagh Palaces, Samode Palace along with several traditionally crafted Havelis.


It is the perfect city to have fairy-tale weddings with heritage venues surrounded by scenic beauty. There are Palaces and Havelis with perfect lake views, having a touch of royalty and beauty at the same time. There are Oberoi-Udai Vilas, Jag Mandir Palace among many others to book for a splendid marriage.


Goa is a package of cool yet traditional weddings. With a chance to have fun, night-party ceremonies with traditional marriages on the beach-setting or old churches, it is a beautiful destination. The pink evening skies, with clear waters and sandy beaches, provide the perfect venue to set your wedding ceremony.


Kerala is a place for sober yet elegant weddings. With beautiful scenery background, the backwaters provide a serene aura for all events. This place is for the ones who want simple weddings with close family members. Providing decorated houseboats with sparkling beaches and greenery all around, it is definitely for nature-loving partners.


Mussoorie provides an amazing backdrop for beautiful weddings, set in the hills. There are many big resorts available to be booked for an out-of-the-world experience. The place provides a perfect combination of luxury and scenic beauty. There is so much to dive for, from the sun-kissed mountain ranges to the serenity of magical flower valleys. It gives an exclusive and memorable touch to your special day.