Candid Wedding Photography

Short Description

Candid wedding photography is that style of wedding photography  that has the photographer photographing his subjects without them posing for shots, ie. clicking pictures of events as they happen. A candid photographer moves around in the crowd looking for emotions, smiles, happenings, memories or whatever you may call them. In short, they hunt & capture moments that happen in the wedding without interfering and making the guests/family/bride & groom pose.

Main Features

  • PreWedding Shoot
  • Night Functions
  • Complete Wedding
  • Engagement
  • Reception


About AK Fotography-

Ak fotography was founded in the year 2011. It is handled by a professional freelance photographer. This company offers conceptual photoshoot with a touch of candid in it.Holding a strong belief that simlicity is the key to beauty, Ak fotography gives a story to your personal day.They have the best team to make your occasion an engraved memory for you and your loved ones. Their creative thinking coupled with amazing photographic passion just adds volume to the package.Capturing every special moment and making it even more remarkable is the sign of a good photographer and they are very well aware about it.Ak photography capture experiences and memories, that’s what make their work special.