Candid Wedding Photography

Short Description

Candid wedding photography is that style of Wedding Photography that has the photographer photographing his subjects without them posing for shots, ie. clicking pictures of events as they happen. A candid photographer moves around in the crowd looking for emotions, smiles, happenings, memories or whatever you may call them. In short, they hunt & capture moments that happen in the wedding without interfering and making the guests/family/bride & groom pose.

Main Features

  • Candid Photography
  • PreWedding Shoot
  • Bridal Photography
  • Night Functions
  • Reception


About Chetan Mehra Photography-

Chetan Mehra is a Graduated from RMIT, Australia as Bachelor of Arts ( Still photography) and further studied Fashion Photography from ‘JD Institute of Fashion’ Delhi.Chetan Mehra Photography is a Delhi-based photographer who specialises in wedding and wedding-related photography. The team who works with Chetan Mehra Photography are extremely professional when it comes to photography and videography and try to create a wedding shoot which tells you the perfect story of a sacred union between two people with beautiful memories.Chetan Mehra Photography can also be considered for other services such as private parties, birthday parties, fashion shoots and portfolios, travel and nature photography, and much more. You can always count on them to provide good services at a competitive price.He is passionate about photography and believes in capturing the truthful and yet beautiful reflection of his subjects. The most striking feature about Chetan’s photography is his ability to make you effortlessly emote for his lens. He has been gifted to capture the character in his pictures. With an experience of over 5 years,he seeks perfection in making the most memorable moments of your life, memorable for life.