Candid Photography

Short Description

Taking photos of people when they have no idea that you're doing. One of the beauties of photographyis being able to catch someone in the act. It adds life to your pictures.

Main Features

  • PreWedding Shoot
  • Candid Photography
  • Cinematic Photography


About Confetti Films –

Confetti Films captures those special candid moments and beautiful expression among the crowd that becomes most treasured possession for the couple and the family.They know every wedding is different and unique and thus the expectation also differs. Since weddings is all about bundle of joys, waves of emotions and memories that stay with us for years to come. They weave a story shot by shot, moment by moment and present a film that reflects love in its most purest and innocent form.They take up wedding assignments all over globe. With over 10 years experience in film and television industry Confetti film was formed in 2013. With the presence of their talented team who have done extensive work in television and cinema, their expertise in seen in every frame and every shot. They have a trusted and long lasting relationship with all their clients who always have something great to write about them on their page and recommend them to everyone they knowMost importantly their love and passion for every shoot is seen in their each and every frame and shot. We are a team of passionate and experienced photographers and cinematographers who challenge their own excellence and thrives to make every wedding different.Their photography is a mix of artistic and photo-journalistic style. Confetti films capture moments you are barely aware of and you hardly notice. Later on those moments becomes your priceless treasure. And their videos take you through an emotional yet delightful journey which makes you relive those moments all over gain giving you a feeling as if it all happened just yesterday. They roll the cameras at the right moments for the memories to lasts for generations.