Short Description

Candid wedding photography is that style of Wedding Photography that has the photographer photographing his subjects without them posing for shots.

Main Features

  • Candid Photography
  • Bridal Photography
  • Pre Wedding Shoot
  • Reception
  • Engagement
  • Night Functions
  • Reception


About Our Wedding Chapter –

The goal of Our Wedding Chapter is to capture the best moments for your whole life to cherish. Their style of photography will focus on natural expressions and find those moments that have some meaning, so when you flip through the images, you will experience that feeling all over again. For Our Wedding Chapter, it’s not just a camera and a click, but it’s about how you can connect emotions and the story.At Our Wedding Chapter they will assure you the best quality for your big day, with unique ideas and excellent service with a great professional and experienced team. A number of customisable services wil be offered for your event.Our Wedding Chapter is a renowned studio which specialises in candid as well as traditional photography. Based out of Delhi, distance has never been a barrier for them and cover different kinds of weddings from all over India. They’ve been a part of the photography business for around 5 years now. The range of events that they cover is fantastic. From pre-wedding shoots which are at its creative best to even maternity shoots, they’ve got every moment covered and beautifully captured. In their own words, “We love couples with crazy stories… If you are one, then you are meant for us.”