Candid Photography

Short Description

Taking photos of people when they have no idea that you're doing. One of the beauties of photography is being able to catch someone in the act. It adds life to your pictures.

Main Features

  • Candid Photography
  • Bridal Photography
  • Pre Wedding Shoot
  • Reception
  • Engagement
  • Night Functions


About Reality in Reel Photography –

Reality in Reel aims to make your memories forever beautiful and stunning by offering modern still solutions to capture each moment with professionalism and creativity. It has the expertise and experience to make all your nuptial moments look fantastic and authentic by using the latest techniques and ideas in wedding photography. Reality in Reel has a dedicated team of professionals, always ready to take their craft to any location of your choice, in India or abroad.The pictures of Reality in Reel have a rare quality of showcasing each moment in a very appealing, inspiring way that will make each memory special and unique even after decades. They aim to make moments last forever through pictures by capturing them in time, both framed and frozen. Moments that, years from now, when you look back, will bring a smile to your face. With a total of around 5 years in the industry. They specialize in providing unique images with a touch of glamour and beauty. With their capable team of professionals, they are always keen on taking the most unforgettable shots of all the emotional and fun moments. They tell your story through the utilization of vivid colours and light. Your wedding will be documented with the most modern technologies and creative concepts.