Planning a wedding is a stressful job, Pre-wedding beauty tips are essential. Not to forget, this stress reflects in the form of dull and lifeless skin. For all you know, makeup can only cover so much, one needs some beauty tips. Nothing can beat the beauty radiated by a bride’s inner skin glow. You need to have the best and full of life natural beauty on your wedding day and for that, I have a few pre-wedding beauty tips. Moreover, these are simple homemade remedies so you don’t really have to spend a lot of time, money or effort on seeing experts or salon specialists periodically.

1) Sleep

pre-wedding beauty tips

I know it sounds very cliché and kind of an impossible task to do when it’s your to-be bridal phase. But trust me first of pre-wedding beauty tips is the most basic rule- you need your beauty sleep, girl! Take my word for it; I am not asking you to oversleep, but just the adequate amount. This is one of the most effective tips to avoid those dark circles, tired droopy eyes and a tired face overall. Your loved ones are there to make sure everything is perfect so if you go to bed 2 hours before everyone else does, it is not going to be any less perfect. Give your brain and beauty cells the rest they deserve and only then will any other remedy be effective.

2) Eyebrows

pre-wedding beauty tips

A very common mistake people tend to make is to get their eyebrows threaded/ waxed/tweezed ON the day of their wedding. While you may think it is the best idea to do so to get the cleanest neatest eyebrows, but that’s not right. Doing so results in redness and rashes on your forehead and around your eyebrows, which is hard to cover even with a concealer. Moreover, it could look bad in pictures and be depending on the lighting of the venue, it could look worse. How to have perfect eyebrows on the wedding day you ask? Get them shaped and done 4-5 days before the main day. I know there will be other festivities going on at that point but those won’t be as important as your wedding day, so it all balances out. Further, eyebrows do not tend to grow too big or uneven in that short span of time so that concern is eliminated. This is a very simple among all the pre-wedding beauty tips, if adopted, can give wonderful results.

3) CTM+ Epre-wedding beauty tips

While most people remember the CTM- cleansing, toning and moisturizing, the equation are only completed with E- exfoliating. The only difference is, while you need to CTM every day, the should only be done 3 times a week. Not to much not too less. You need to keep clearing those blackheads and dead skin cells that make your skin lifeless. Use an exfoliating face scrub. My personal favorites are Oléa-Scrub Gel, Artistry polishing scrub, and KAMA Ayurveda Kumkumadi Brightening Face Scrub. These seem to always suit most skin types and give great results. Remember to scrub in a circular motion all over the face for at least a minute. That’s the proper key to a great exfoliation.Not enough need some more beauty tips.

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pre-wedding beauty tipsWhile my favorite exfoliators are mostly products. I love to use natural CTMs on my skin as they are used on a daily basis. To get a great bridal look without using too many harsh products on your skin, try to use these CTM at least a month before your wedding. You will be amazed by the results from these pre-wedding beauty tips which are a homemade cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.
• Best Cleanser #1 – HONEY
• Best Cleanser #2- Baking Soda, Essential Oils, and Jojoba Oil
• Best Toner #1- Apple Cider Vinegar and Aloe vera
• Best Toner #2- Rose Water
• Best Moisturizer #1- Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, and Yogurt
• Best Moisturizer #2- Avocados and whole milk.

4) Face Packs

pre-wedding beauty tips

These are supposed to be applied more occasionally, preferably 2 times a week. Some of the best natural homemade packs that even I personally love will ensure a dirt free, light, de-tanned skin on your wedding day.
• Papaya and Honey pack- Mash up a quarter of a papaya and blend it well with a teaspoon of honey until it forms a thick paste. Apply it on your face and let it sit for 20 minutes. Wash it off with cool water.
• Strawberry and Milk pack- Blend 3 strawberries with 2 teaspoons of milk and follow the same routine as mentioned above.
• Banana and Almond Oil pack- One whole banana mashed and blended with a teaspoon of sweet almond oil and Voila!
• One Ayurvedic face pack that I buy from the market and that gives instantly amazing result is the
Multani Mitti powder that you can mix with rose water or milk and apply on your face till it dries out and is then ready to be washed off.

5) Lips
pre-wedding beauty tips

Now that your beautiful skin is taken care of, some more pre-wedding beauty tips for you are on way, we need to focus on this amazing feature of the face, which are the lips. There are some simple beauty tips and homemade remedies that you can follow in order to keep those lips naturally soft, luscious and pink. Firstly remember to keep your moisturized at all times. My favorite chap balms include Vaseline petroleum jelly and The Body Shop lip balms.Adding on, apply these simple blends on your lips for 10 minutes every day and then wash it off with water.

• Honey and Lemon– Mix honey and lime juice in equal proportion and apply.

• Pomegranate seeds and Milk– Crush the seeds up and add some milk to it; apply.

Cucumber juice– Slice up a cucumber chunk and rub it on your lips for 5 minutes every day. Allow your lips to soak up the juices and see the magic.

 pre-wedding beauty tips

Mix pure Turmeric and Milk-Haldi (turmeric) with a few drops of milk and let it rest on your lips, then wash it off first with milk and then with water.

So here are some pre-wedding beauty tips from my side that will ensure giving you that amazing glowing bridal face. Some extra simple tips to take care of your skin includes eating a lot of healthy salads, vegetables, drinking lots of water and keeping yourself ever hydrated. Also, whenever you move out of the house, apply a good sunscreen, it is vital. Follow these pre- wedding beauty tips at least 1 month before your wedding day and you are sure to see the results.

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Good luck.