Wedding functions are the starters in the platter called Indian Weddings. One surely needs a good start with these. Along with other things, looks matter a lot. While you plan to go all rocking on your wedding day, you can opt for a minimalist look for other wedding functions. Just one look gets boring by the end and it is good if you experiment with many things at one go! Here are a few suggestions on how you can get a perfect minimalist look for your wedding functions. (And yes, still rock on!)


minimalist look

While you might have planned for the most extravagant dress for your wedding day, experiment with something simpler on the other days. This will ensure that you look unique and the best on your wedding day. Don’t opt for similar dresses for other functions and the wedding day. If you are going to adorn a heavy lehenga on your wedding day, try minimalist look for other functions by keeping the dress up much simpler. You can try out Sarees and Anarkalis as well. If you are an Indian bride and want to try something unconventional you can go for beautiful gowns for your wedding functions. It will give a minimalist look and will ensure you don’t look similar for all your functions.


minimalist look

Makeup takes up most of the credit for how gaudy or simple you look. If you want a minimalist look for your wedding functions, go for natural looking make-up. Try out shades that go well and smooth with your skin tone. Keep the eye-makeup light. Don’t decide on gaudy shades of lipstick. If you manage to keep up a minimalist look with your makeup, you can go for a heavier outfit as well. Your light and natural makeup will help you balance it up and give a minimalist look. Don’t go for fake eyelashes, nails, or anything for that matter. Simply be yourself and reflect your inner glow.

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minimalist look

You might be planning to go royal on your wedding day, so to save the look for that particular day, choose the minimalist look for other functions. Cut off your jewelry list for other functions. Yes, you will need a little to complete your look, but keep it very light. You can avoid heavy head gears and instead choose a simpler Maang Tikka. Adorn as many bangles as required and a simple piece of neckpiece. Your earrings shouldn’t be taking all the attention. For a minimalist look, you need to balance it well. Don’t buy too many shiny stones for the wedding functions. Save all that glamour for your wedding day. And of course, you can still rock in that minimalist look.


minimalist look

Surely we cannot underestimate the wonders a hairdo can do. Hair styling can well control how pretty one looks on a particular day. Make your good hair days on wedding function by not experimenting too much on them. If you already exploit them with heat and other processes, they might get damaged till your wedding day and you surely wouldn’t want that. For a minimalist look, try as much freestyling as possible. You can use a few subtle hair accessories but avoid direct chemicals to beautify your hair. And keep your wedding hairstyle totally opposite to what you are planning for your wedding functions. On your wedding day, looking different matters as much as looking perfect and both of them crosses paths somewhere for sure!

So, try these simple tips and you are ready to rock in your minimalist look! Following these tips, you can ensure that you look different and pretty on all your memorable days. This is the ultimate time for you to try out all the things you love and make them into beautiful memories to cherish lifelong!

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