Weddings can bring on a lot of different emotions: joy and elation or fear and stress, maybe all at the same time. It’s often a time that requires a lot of moving pieces to be in sync and different family dynamics to come together under one roof. It’s no wonder that the day goes by so quickly for the bride and groom.

Fortunately, being adequately prepared can help mitigate stress. With all of your ducks in a row, you can wake up stress-free on your big day and handle anything that comes your way. Here are some tips for the days leading up to your trip down the aisle.

Have Everyone Test Their Look

In the week leading up to the wedding, your dress and your bridesmaids dresses should all be hanging in closets, altered and ready to go. Of course, this means ordering your dresses months in advance from a reliable supplier; if you’re running low on time, check here.

To avoid any last-minute stressful situations, have everyone try on their dress with their shoes and an approximation of their chosen hairstyle. Take note of how your dress feels when you walk around or sit. Determine if you need an extra little tuck somewhere or some tape to make you feel secure, so you can have the right tools available for the day of your wedding.

Create an Emergency Kit

Any seasoned wedding planner will tell you that having an emergency kit is a lifesaver when the wedding day hits. Spend the days leading up to the wedding stocking up on things like deodorant, hairspray, travel sewing kits, medication, baby wipes, bobby pins, and even extension cords. 

Let’s face it, with an event of this magnitude something is bound to go wrong; it’s just a fact of life. While planning ahead to prevent issues will limit challenges, it’s also important to have a plan B in place for when an issue arises. An emergency kit can cover all of that. 

Designate Your Bodyguard

Call them your bodyguard, your buffer, your partner in crime or your right-hand man, but having someone to shield you on the day of will be a huge stress relief. Give that person your phone and have them handle any lost vendors, pushy aunts, last-minute RSVPs, and so on. Instruct them to shield you from information that will cause you more stress and give them the power to boss people around for you. 

Not only will having a bodyguard help relieve stress on the day-of, but not having your phone handy will help you be present in the moment.

Touch Base with Your Vendors

Remember those vendors you booked eons ago? The few weeks leading up to the wedding is a great time to touch base with them and confirm the final details about your big day. Go over your timeline and determine when you can expect them to show up and what they need from you. 

For example, if your caterer is waiting on a final headcount, you can make some calls to find out if your guests who missed the RSVP deadline are coming or not. Last minute changes to your song? Let your DJ know now. Call your venue and confirm when you can arrive for set up.

By preparing in advance you’re setting yourself up for success. Your wedding day should be about celebrating with your favorite people and reaping the rewards of your planning efforts.