Preserve Wedding Mementos

Your wedding will always be one of the most special days of your life. While the photographer and videographer can, of course, provide you with eternal memories of the ceremony and reception, there are many newlyweds who want to do more to help the day live on forever.

Smart, Effective, Creative Ways to Preserve Wedding Mementos

In the larger scheme of things, sentimental items can often mean just as much, and even more, than the photos or videos. Here, we will explore four smart, effective, creative ways to help your meaningful memories live on forever.

1) Create a Wedding Time Capsule

The concept is simple: pack away all of your souvenirs in a box, hide the time capsule, then bring it out on your anniversary. Deciding which anniversary is completely up to you. Whether it reappears on your 1st or your 20th, it will still be a meaningful moment to share as a couple.

Give it a great deal of thought. Think about small, non-perishable items that can easily go into your wedding time capsule:

  • The champagne cork from the head table
  • Printed copies of your vows
  • Shells from the beach where you went on your honeymoon.

2) Take Care of Your Wedding Dress

You spent countless hours searching for the perfect dress and altering it to fit like a glove. It is the most meaningful dress that you will ever own, so keeping it in excellent condition is ideal. Preserving your gown will allow you to have something beautiful to look back on as the years progress.

The best place to store a wedding gown is a comfortable part of a home, like a closet in a bedroom or guest room. Avoid the attic, the basement, or the garage, as all of these places can result in inconsistent temperatures. Additionally, never store your wedding gown in a plastic garment bag, as this can result in moisture buildup.

The easiest way to preserve a wedding gown is to keep it thoroughly clean. A regular dry cleaner is not the best option, though. Instead, take it to wedding gown specialists like the experts at They will take precious care of this extremely valuable item and ensure that it maintains the same beauty and glow as it did when you first tried it on.

3) Make a Wearable Keepsake

Your wedding ring is a wearable memento that goes with you every day, everywhere. It is a constant reminder of your wedding day, and there is something incredibly special about physically wearing a reminder of the big event.

But for some brides, other wearable mementos are just as special and can offer additional happiness and sentimentality. For example, consider engraving your wedding date on a necklace or a charm. This can be a subtle, sentimental symbol of the day that will forever mean so much to you.

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4) Display Your Bouquet

Selecting the flowers for the wedding was an important decision, as flowers are always a beautiful and memorable component of the wedding. After the bells have finished ringing, many brides find themselves longing for a way to preserve their bouquets as keepsakes.

An easy solution is pressing the flowers with parchment paper for 7 to 10 days. Once the flowers are both flat a dry, it becomes easy to arrange them in a frame. This can become a gorgeous work of art to enjoy in your home or office, and it is a wonderful way to help the wedding memories live on.

In Summary

Your wedding day is just that: a day. But through keeping memories alive, the magic of your special day can continue to shine. After all, the wedding may be one day, but it symbolizes a forever commitment. And that’s what is most important to remember.